Give Up Using Techniques For Naam Simran

Some preachers tell people to practice Naam Simran whilst inhaling and exhaling the breath.  This is nothing more than a mechanical process.  Without achieving GurParsaad, no matter what techniques we use, we are never be able to achieve Naam Simran with every breath.  Naam Simran with every breath doesn’t mean that we have to physically repeat Naam with every breath of ours.  Naam Simran with every breath means a continuous Naam Simran, non-stop round-the-clock which is called Ajapa Jaap.  When Naam goes into the Surat, Hirda and Rom Rom then there is a non-stop recitation of Naam by every bit of our body.  This is how we achieve the stage of, “Saas saas simrahu gobind.”    It is not achieved by mechanically repeating Naam while inhaling and exhaling for a certain period of time. 

Such preachers then say that by doing Naam Simran in this mechanical fashion, eventually Naam will go into the Surat.  This is also incorrect.  This is the reason why there is no spiritual progress achieved by such people who follow this process of Naam Simran. 

There are preachers who emphasize a variety of techniques of Naam Simran including the one just explained.  But, the Divine Truth is that there is no technique for Naam Simran.  There is no method of doing Naam Simran.  There is no technique that will create trust, devotion and love for the Guru in our mind.  There is only and only one way that Naam will go into Surat, Hirda and Rom Rom.  That one way is by achieving the GurParsaad of Puran Bandgi by completely surrendering at the Sat Charans of a SatGuru with trust, devotion and love.