Spread The Divine Message

Dearest Beti Namjeevan jee our blessings are always with you, our blessings have always been there for you, you know that you live in our hirda, you live in babaji’s hirda, you live in the dargah, you are sat roop sant hirda.


Now you need to step up and take charge of the Satnaam Parivaar in uk and help them realise their spiritual dreams. You should be present in every satsangat in uk. This is our request at your sat charans to help us and babaji spread this message of the satnaam around the globe. You should also start writing more on you spiritual experiences. You should also start writing on gurparsadi topics, gurbani, bandgi, seva, simran, parupkaar and maha parupkaar.


Disseminating the divine wisdom to others is a very high level of seva and now you should start doing this seva. Please don’t be hesitant, just come forward with full divine force. We all need to make this earth a more livable place, your contributions should be enhancing this effort on a daily basis. You are very fortunate being blessed with this seva.