Use These Weapons To Fight Maya

First and formost weapon is receiving the GurParsaad of Naam. 
 Second weapon to fight against Maya is to commit ourselves completely to the Gur and Guru who gave us this priceless diamond.  We need to surrender ourselves completely to the Gur and Guru.  Then we will keep on going up and up the spiritual ladder.  We will be able to beat Maya and win over its Rajo and Tamo qualities. 

The remaining weapons to fight Maya are:
·         Practising Gur Bani in our daily life is very important.  It brings in us humbleness and  that humility will kill our ego.  Just reading or listening to Gur Bani and thinking that in itself is a good deed is not right.  Read, sing or listen to Gur Bani and put it into practice. 
·         Developing a sense of forgiveness will diminish our Krodh. 
·         Loving our family as if they are Gur Sangat will relieve us from Moh.  Loving and respecting everybody as Sangat will eliminate Moh from our inside and convert it to pure and pious love for the entire creation and will bring a single vision within us. 
·         Bringing in kindness will relieve us from greed and selfishness. 
·         Giving Dasvandh to the Guru will also relieve us from the greed for money and attachment to worldly possessions. 
·         Bringing in contentment and conquering craving for worldly things, will bring our desires under control. 
·         Prohibiting ourselves from slandering others will remove hatred from in us.  It will also develop a sense of  respect for everyone in the society. 
·         Focusing on our own bad qualities and not pointing the finger at others’ faults, will make us realize how bad we are and what do we need to do to improve ourselves. 
·         Earning inner poverty, Gareebi Ves Hirda, will make us Nimana and will bring humility inside our soul and mind.  
·         Considering ourselves lower than everybody else will bring humbleness in our mind and soul. 
·         Helping the poor and giving charity donations will bring kindness in side us, as long as we do it as Nishkaam (desire free) Seva(service), without any desire for reward or recognition.  Desires can only die by doing Naam Simran.  So do Naam Simran whilst doing Seva, then it becomes Nishkaam Seva.
·         Placing Gur, Guru and Gur Sangat above everything else and developing unconditional devotion and love for them brings tremendous spirituality inside us.

·         ·         ·         ·         ·         ·         ·         ·         ·         ·         ·         ·        

By using these divine weapons and golden rules we win the war against Maya without much difficulty.