Watching 5 Thieves And Desires

Dhan Dhan SatGur Sachey Patshah Ji, Shri Guru Arjun Dev Ji Maharaj, is very kindly continuing to giving us these divine and priceless jewels of Puran Braham Gyan about the Mahima of Naam, Mahima of Puran Bandgi, Mahima of a Sant and above all the Mahima of Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Pita Parmeshwar Ji. 

Any divine wisdom that comes from a SatGur is Puran Braham Gyan.  Any divine wisdom that comes from a Puran Sant is the Puran Braham Gyan.  Any divine words that come from a Puran Braham Gyani is Puran Braham Gyan.  Any divine Shabads that are recited by a Puran Khalsa are Puran Braham Gyan.  These divine words are the word of God.  These words are GurParsaad, are Sat and will come true when followed with Sachee Shardha, Sachee Preet and Sacha Vishvaas.  This is a Divine Truth, so when we follow these divine words and do whatever they tell us to do then the rewards are unimaginable. 

SatGuru Ji is telling us the Mahima of Naam Dhann and of collecting Naam Dhann, which is the real divine treasure.  This is the only divine treasure that goes with us when we leave this physical body or when our physical body’s death comes.  The collection of Naam Dhann diminishes all of our sins.  Our Hirda is washed with this Amrit of Naam Dhann and our mind is cleansed of our mental sicknesses. 

These mental sicknesses are chronic in nature and have been responsible for making our mind and Hirda full of the scum of Maya’s Rajo and Tamo aspects.  An ordinary person is drenched in this scum.  This scum is like quick sand as it doesn’t let him come out, but keeps pulling him under the more he tries to escape.  These chronic sicknesses are the Panj Doots and desires. 

The Panj Doots and desires govern the life of an ordinary person.  An ordinary person is so weak minded that he lets his mind operate under the influence of these rulers.  Yes, the Panj Doots and desires rule over you and you do whatever they tell you.  In this way they are your real Gurus.  Following the Panj Doots and desires is like drinking the poison of Maya.  That is why, due to constant drinking of these poisons of Maya, your mind and Hirda have become chronically sick. 

Many people think that Maya is just money.  This is a dangerous illusion as Maya is not money, but the desire for money is.   There are three aspects of Maya.  The first one is Tamo and includes Kaam, Krodh, Lobh, Moh and Ahankaar.  The second one is Rajo and includes Asa, Trishna, Mansha – desires.   The third one is Sato.  This is connected with Sat Karams such as Daya, Dharam, Santokh and Sanjam. 

If you watch your daily deeds and analyze them in light of this divine wisdom, you will find that all of your deeds fall under these aspects of Maya.  Many people wonder how their deeds are influenced by Maya.  Let us look at it more closely.  Starting with Kaam.  When you see an attractive person and your mind develops a lustful thought, then this means that your mind has been overpowered by the Doot of Kaam.  Regardless of if you actually put that lustful thought into action or not, your mind does get effected by that thought.  This lustful thought is considered as a sin in Divinity.  A sin committed by your mind.  But, if you then physically indulge in the lustful act then that is a sin committed with your mind and with all of your five senses and your body.  This is defined as a criminal act, an Asat Karam, both on the part of your mind and your body.  It is recorded as a sin in your account and becomes the basis for your future destiny.  Continued lustful behavior like this makes you a slave of the Doot of Kaam and forces you to repeat your lustful behavior on a daily basis resulting in a mental disorder leading to a chronic condition of your mind which makes you a habitual offender. 

Let us consider the Doot of Krodh.  Most of you suffer from this mental sickness.  Just watch your daily deeds and see how many times in a day you become angry or lose your temper.  Many times your behavior shows anger hence you are being attacked by this Doot of Krodh.  Continued behavior with anger on a daily basis makes you a habitual offender and over a period of time you do become a slave of the Doot of Krodh.  This again becomes a chronic mental sickness with the passage of time. 

Lobh means greed and any deeds performed under the influence of greed are also called Asat Karams.  When you watch your daily deeds and conduct a self evaluation you are able to figure out how many times during a day your behavior was controlled by this Doot of Lobh.  Collection of money or worldly possessions beyond your needs is called Lobh.  This kind of behavior is a constant thing in your daily lives.  You consistently and constantly keep on working to collect money and worldly things thinking that you need them in future, without really even knowing what will happen in future.  Many of you justify it by saying, “we are doing it for the children.”  This collection of money and worldly possessions and property is carried out by fair or foul means and reflects a greedy behavior.  A life spent in this struggle and constant manipulations definitely make you a slave of this Doot and  leads to this chronic mental sickness which we call Lobh. 

The next more powerful Doot is Moh.  This means attachment with relationships, money, worldly possessions and properties.  Attachment is due to the fear of losing these relationships, properties and possessions.  If you look deep within and ask, “am I suffering from the fear of losing?”   You find that yes, I am constantly living in the fear of losing something or the other.  This fear of losing is called attachment or Moh.  This constant fear of losing makes you mentally sick.  This is another chronic condition and you  become a slave of the Doot of Moh. 

The next Doot is the most dangerous one, Ahankaar.  This means ego, which is also called Haumai in GurBani.  The Doots of Krodh and Ahankaar complement each other.  Whenever ego gets hurt you become angry, or whenever you are angry your ego is being hurt.  This ego physically means “me, my and mine” which leads you to believe that you are just a physical body and not a soul.  Your belief is that everything that happens to you, your family and around you is due to you.  Therefore, whenever somebody goes against your thinking, doing or desires, your ego is hurt and you retaliate with anger. 

If you watch your daily life closely you will find that your ego gets hurt on a very frequent basis.  This repeated hurt to your ego makes it even more egotistic and you indulge in other silly behaviors to prove your view points.  This consistent and continued egoistical behavior makes you a slave of the Doot of Ahankaar which leads to this chronic condition which makes you mentally sick with ego. 

In this way, all of the Panj Doots rule your mind and your physical senses on a constant and consistent basis.  They make you really mentally sick as you are continuously working under their directions.  Therefore, these Panj Doots become your Gurus. 

If you also look at desires, you will find that you are always surrounded by a never ending stream of desires and you constantly keep on working to meet your desires by fair or foul means.  Basically, your mind is burning in the fire or desires, a continuous stream of desires.  When one desire is fulfilled then you feel happy, but this happiness is short lived as more desires are born and when one is not fulfilled then you  are disappointed.  A continued stream of disappointments leads your mind into depression and this depression becomes a chronic disease for you.  These Rajo and Tamo aspects of Maya are called the “Bikhi-aa saglee,” the poison that you drink every day and on a constant basis and by doing so you are filled with this poison and absorbed in this poison.  This poisonous behavior carves your future destiny accordingly. 

When the soul leaves the body then it carries the weight of these poisonous deeds and you continue to carry this poison for an indefinite period of time, until you are blessed with the GurParsaad of Naam, Naam Simran, Naam Ki Kamai, Puran Bandgi and Seva. 

How do you achieve this GurParsaad?  This GurParsaad is achieved by focusing on the third aspect of Maya and that is Sato.  When you do so then you start to neutralize the effect of your Asat Karams and start collecting Sat Karams.  When your Sat Karams reach a level where they out weigh the Asat Karams then a time comes when you are blessed with the GurParsaad of Naam, Naam Simran, Naam Ki Kamai, Puran Bandgi and Seva. 

The collection of Sat Karams is accelerated when you start watching your daily deeds and start to eliminate the Asat Karams performed under the Rajo and Tamo aspects of Maya.  Therefore, Sat Karams  lead your way to the GurParsaad of Amrit.  However, leaving yourself at the mercy of the Rajo and Tamo aspects keeps you drinking the dangerous poison of Kaam, Krodh, Lobh, Moh, Ahankaar and keeps you  burning in the fire of desires. 

The Amrit will cure you from these chronic mental sicknesses.  It will take out all of the poison and fill your mind and Hirda with Infinite Divine Power.  It will lead you to making your soul weightless and hence, achieve Jivan Mukti.  Whereas drinking the poison of Rajo and Sato aspects and living a life as a slave of the Panj Doots will keep you doing the same behavior until the time you start focusing on the Sato aspect of Maya.  Therefore, leaving the slavery of Rajo and Sato aspects and focusing on Sato deeds will pave your way to the GurParsaad and that is what you are being told to do in this divine Shabad.