We Are A Sacrifice To Those Who Pray Like This



Dearest Dassan Dass Ji,

I offer my prostration greeting to you. Be merciful Satguru Ji.
Please forgive me for my mistakes, please grant your grace.

Whatever is written in Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji we must belive it.  Regardless of wether it makes sense to us, regardless of whichever form the Sant takes to meet us.  Regardless of wether we have seen what the Divine words say or not, we must believe in them because Gurbani does not lie – NEVER.  Each and every statement is pure truth.  Have no doubt in this, keep full and firm faith in the divine words.

Please forgive me, the great fool, unholy sinner, great offender, sinner, betrayer, filth traitor, thief , unhonourable wretch, great egotist, greedy dog, lustful hypocrite, angry man,  stuck in the noose of Maya, selfish, drunken and selfish, full of filth accumulated over many lifetimes.   

Please bless us with the dust of your lotus feet.

Please grant us your favourable and forgiving glance and clean me with the dust of your feet.


Guru Pyare Jee, God bless you.

What a wonderful prayer Jee.  You are dhan dhan.  This divine prayer coming from your Hirda will make you a Sant Hirda.  Please continue to pray like this on a continuous basis, this prayer is full of divinity, this is just incredible prayer.  We are a sacrifice to those who pray like this, those who accept their own self like this.  

This is a wonderful confession, an open confession, please please please please all of you continue to pray like this on a continuous basis and see the unimaginable spiritual improvement in your ownself.

We love you Jee, you live in our Hirda, your name has been written in the Dargah, you are destined to become a Sant Hirda.  God bless you with the Gurparsaad of Naam Simran Naam Ki Kamai Puran Bandgi and Seva – Parupkaar and Maha Parupkaar.

Thanks again to the God a zillion times with every breath for giving us all an opportunity to meet you.