Sat is the Naam NOT RadhaSoami Five Charged Words

SatNaam Ji,

to all readers of this article, Dassan Dass ji and Satnaam Baba ji are not part of the Radhasoami group or any other group.  All Sants only belong to SatNaam – the One Father and see of humanity as one family.  However, some followers of the Radhasoami group  often ask questions to Dassan Dass ji about their five charged names.  Dassan Dass ji only teaches us to remember SATNAAM.  Please see below.





Praise Dear God Realized Soul Dassan Dass who resides with the Sants and Sat Gurus while here on Earth,

we were inititated by Sant Ajaib Singh Ji in August 1977 at Sant Bani Ashram, Sanbornton, NH.  However, this sorry soul still has far to go.  Please tell us the meanings of the charged words we were initiated with :

Jyot Niranjan – Soul without Soot
On Kaar  – Transcendent Immanent
Rarankar – ?
So Hung  – We are peace
Sat Naam  – True Word Truth

What does Rarankar mean? Is it the same as Nirankar or nirankaara.   Is there a better meaning for the other words.

Charan, humbly at Sat Guru’s Charan


Guru Pyare Jee, God bless you.

Our understanding is that this shabad should be Karankaar instead of Rarankar, and the divine meaning of the Shabad Karankaar is same as Karta Purakh – there is only one Doer, every creation is His creation, created by His infinite divine powers, and is also operated by His infinite divine powers.

Jyot Niranjan is the Param Jyot Puran Parkash and Niranjan means beyond Maya – beyond the three attributes of Maya, which are Rajo, Tamo and Sato.

Oankaar means formless, omnipresent – sarav viapak, infinite, no boundaries.

So Hung is eternal peace, thoughtless stage, complete silence of mind, and all this is Sat – eternal truth and this eternal truth is Sat and this Sat is the Naam of Akal Purakh. Everything has emanated from Sat, Sat is the origin, you have originated from Sat and you have to go back to Sat, that is why Sat is the Naam of Akal Purakh.  All other Shabads are the Mahima of this Naam, they are Kirtam – means they describe the eternal qualities of the Akal Purakh, and all these divine qualities are basically His infinite divine powers and all these divine powers or qualities are contained with in Sat Naam – that is why a Puran Sant or a Puran Braham Gyani is Sat Roop.

This five shabad manter is the Maryada of Radha Swami Sants. They have been doing it for a long time after Sant Baba Jaimal Singh Jee. As far as we know and understand the Radha Swami Samparda’s roots are embeded in Dhan Dhan Satguru Gobind Singh Jee’s Gurkirpa and Gurparsaad.

This Gurparsaad was transmitted to Swami Ji of Agra Wale from the decendents of those Maha Purakhs (from Maratha Kul) who were directly blessed by  Dhan Dhan Shri Guru Gobind Singh Jee. Our understanding is that until Sant Baba Jaimal Singh Jee, who were blessed by Swami Ji of Agra Wale, these Sants preached Satnaam, and after this the Maryada changed to Radha Swami and Panj Shabad manter as you mentioned.

But it is a divine truth that everything is contained in Satnaam and that is what is the Naam of Akal Purakh. The understanding of these shabads comes from within, it is the Gurparsaad that enlightens you from inside and opens up all your divine doors and then the Puran Braham Gyani appears from within your own self.

Panch Shabad that Gurbani talks about is the Anhad Naad music that is heard in the Dassam Dwaar after opening the Dassam Dwaar, and that is the divine Amrit, which is preached by Radha Swami Sants. Therefore Panch Shabad Anhad Naad should not be misunderstood with this Panj Shabad manter. There may be more that you might be interested in knowking and most of it is already provided on the website in the form of the Gurparsaadi writings. But please don’t hesitate to ask more questions and  let us know if we can be of any assistance to you in your spiritual growth.




Dear Sir,


I am very much impressed by the detailed explanation given by you with utter simplicity, which so far has been given by no one to me.


Dassan Dass: This is all gurkirpa and gurparsaad, we don’t do anything, everything happens with the gurkirpa and gurparsaad.


QUESTION: I would like to submit a few requests to you :-


1)      Kindly send me your photograph and biography such as where do you reside, your family members, your occupation and when and how you came across such a grand truth etc.


Dassan Dass:These things will not help you, the key to success is satnaam, so please serve satnaam. All our story is published on the website though, it is open book anybody can read it.


QUESTION: 2)      Who is the Satguru i.e. Baba Ji of your organization.


Dassan Dass: There is no organization, bandgi can’t be organized, or it can’t be run in any controled and organized way, it is the hukam that prevails, bandgi is to get freedom from all such controls and organizations that are man made and merge in infinite, where there is only one control and one organisation – satnaam sat paar braham pita parmesar and his dargah.


QUESTION: 3)      Can I recite “Sat Naam” without your Initiation.


Dassan Dass: There is no initiation in bandgi, it is gurparsaad, as you surrender your tunn munn dhan at the sat charans of the satguru you will be awarded the gurparsaad of naam, naam simran, naam di kamai, puran bandgi and seva. At this time please focus on satnaam simran.


QUESTION: 4)      What principles I have to observe for becoming a true devotee.


Dassan Dass: You have to completely surrender yourself with trust devotion and love at the sat charans of your satguru. For doing so you need to surrender your tunn munn dhan to the satguru, this is the only way you can be awarded the gurparsaad, as your keep on surrendering and serving your satguru with tunn munn dhan you will continue to earn the gurparsaad.


QUESTION: 5)      I want to personally meet you and serve the organization, can you suggest me the way for this, if you think that I can be helpful.


Dassan Dass: Physical meeting will happen when it is destined to happen, in the meanwhile you can serve the truth by doing satnaam simran. This is the highest seva you can do at this time.


QUESTION: 6)      What is the utility of my life as I only believe in Love, which I have never found so far.


Dassan Dass: Sat (TRUTH) is the womb of love, sat is the womb of entire creation, sat is god itself, all the infinite divine powers are contained within sat, so please focus yourself on satnaam simran, this will open up all the channels of love for you.


QUESTION: 7)      Is there any person who belongs to your Circle at Nagpur.


No ji.


QUESTION: 8)      I am very sorry for disturbing you.


Dassan Dass: There is no disturbance in serving the truth and delivering the truth to the masses.


QUESTION: 9) Lastly, I would like to request you to please do not use derogatory words for yourself as I am myself feeling very ashamed on reading them. You are the propagator of Truth so it is not necessary that you may lower yourself too down that there is no place left for the devotee.  I cannot bear that a true person may go to such an extent of politeness.


Dassan Dass: Utmost humbleness, humility and garibi ves hirda is the key to dargah, this doesnot make you lower, this lifts you up so much that god comes in and appears in you by himself. This is the key to dargah which kills your haumai, and you achieve jivan mukti.


QUESTION: Please forgive me if I had committed any offence in your honour.


Dassan Dass: No offence, everything is in hukam. God bless you.







I am very much thankful for the reply given by you and admit that your convincing power is really very good.  However, I would be happy if your honour could clarify my below mentioned doubt, for which I will be humbly obliged.



Dassan Dass: This is the power of divinity and poser of puran sat that pierces through one’s hirda and carves it there. That is all we do deliver and serve the puran sat. This is nothing known as convincing power but it is infinite divine blessing that comes with the bandgi and seva that is accepted in the dargah.



Question: In your earlier article sent to me, it has been admitted that Soami Ji Maharaj, Baba Jaimal Singh and Maharshi Shiv Brat Lal were right Gurus and they have given the “Satnaam” as the Mool Mantra.  But, it is not understood to me that if all of them gave “Satnaam” to the Sangat, then why this word “Radha Soami” is coming in all the Organizations which are being run in their name and also it is astonishing that why the same word “Radha Soami” is occurring every where.  I want to know what is the reality behind this Name and one more thing is that the Sangat, who are generally very simple people and who don’t have any time to undergo a deep research into all this, what is their fault if they innocently admit any of the Gurus working under these organizations and more so all this has become so complicated that a very rare person can go through all this but he also will become puzzled.   What will be the fate of all these persons who are being misled, if the so-called Gurus are wrong.



Dassan Dass:  We have no idea why it was changed to radha soami, it probably happened when it went from a free form to an organized  form. The roots of these sants Swami ji from Agra and his desciple Baba Jaimal Singh and Swami Ji’s Satguru who was from Hathras and their ancestors were blessed by Dassam Patshah Jee Gobind Singh Jee, later on the traditions kept on changing and hence the current situation. We are not here to criticise and tell what is wrong and what is right to the people, but we are here only to serve and deliver the puran sat to the masses. With due respect to all these sants, we don’t really want to say anyting in this regard. Your concerns may be genuine but even if you find out the truth you will not be able to change anything. The only thing you can do is change yourself, work on getting your hirda transformed to sat hirda with the gurparsaad. This is all a matter of destiny that makes everything happen. If we can transform ourselves then only we can help others, otherwise we can’t really do anything to help others. So speak, hear, deliver and serve puran sat to the masses after you have complete realization and are blessed by the Akal Purakh and the Satguru to do so. So please don’t spend your energy in this futile exercise and focus yourself on your simran and seva which will bring you the gurparsaad and will transform your hirda to a sat hirda.



Question:  As per your advice I am doing the Simran of Satnaam with full love and surrender. One thing I would like to mention is that please do not think that I am an arrogant or a rebellious type of person.  In fact, I am dumb struck to see such a huge politics in the name of Religion.



Dassan Dass: We agree with you that there is a lack of deliverance of puran sat to the masses, either the preachers don’t know the puran sat, or they are not willing to deliver and serve puran sat to masses. In both cases it is not right. Puran sat comes only from those souls who have achieved puran awastha. Only those souls who have achieved puran awastha are allowed to preach by the dargah. Other preachers don’t know the puran sat so how can they deliver puran sat to the masses. If they preach and preach it wrong, then they are dargahi criminals. For sure those who mislead the sangat will be punished by the dargah.




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