Why Does God Punish Me?

People frequently start complaining when things go wrong for them.  When they are in trouble they  start complaining.  Whenever they are in pain and sorrow they go into the mode of complaining.  This complaining is to God.  They ask, “why did God do this to me?”   They think that they have never done anything wrong to anyone and further complain, “what did I do wrong for which God is now punishing me?”  This is a normal part of people’s behaviour to think that they never do anything wrong to anybody.  However, when they critically analyse their behavior, they find that they have done and still do many wrong things, some of which are harmful to others.

According to the divine laws our destiny is based on our own Karni.  It may be our past Karni in this life or our Karni from our previous lives.  Our Karni carves our own destiny.  In this way, we are responsible for our own destiny, we write our own destiny.  Therefore, people must have done something stupid or wrong for which they have to pay now in the form of problems, pains, sorrows, mental and physical sicknesses and so on. 

As we are responsible for our own Karni and for our own destiny then where is the question of anybody doing anything wrong to us?  And how can God do anything wrong to us?  All He wants us to do is to understand that whatever we sow so shall we reap and focus our Karni accordingly. 

At the same time He is infinitely kind and forgiving.  He doesn’t even look at your sins and bad deeds and is constantly waiting for you to come back to Him and as soon as you do come back to Him He forgives you instantly.  He forgives you for all of your sins and bad deeds and accepts you as His Suhaagan.  The thing that everyone needs to understand is that He is the divine law maker and all He wants us to do is to follow His divine laws and lead our life accordingly. 
GurMat is His constitution and all He wants us to do is follow the divine laws written in His constitution.  His kingdom is managed by His constitution, which is called GurMat – the divine wisdom.  Following GurMat keep us out of trouble.  His constitution is based on the Truth, His constitution is Sat.  So how can He do anything bad to anyone?  He is Nirvair – no animosity with anybody.  His love for us and for every creation is infinite.  Nothing can challenge His love for us and mind it His love is unconditional.