Why Haven’t I Progressed In Spirituality?

There are many people who ask, “we do a lot of Naam Simran and Seva and have been doing so for a long time, but we are still not experiencing anything spiritual.  Our mind is still wandering.  Why is there is no peace?”

The answer is very simple.  Just ask yourself, “have I dedicated myself to Puran Bandgi?  Have I completely surrendered myself at the Sat Charans of my Guru?  Have I given my Tunn, Munn and Dhann to the Guru with trust, devotion and love?”

If the answer to these questions is yes, then you are well on the way to success in your spiritual life and just need to keep on going, surrendering every last thought.  However, if the answer is no, then that is what is lacking in your Bandgi and that is what you need to do to achieve Puran Bandgi. 

Surrender of Tunn means Seva and Simran.  This is the first part of Puran Bandgi and is a mandatory divine law governing the process of Puran Bandgi.  Using Tunn for Simran means giving one tenth of  our time to do Naam Simran every day – at least 2.5 hours at Amrit Vela.  Naam Simran is the highest Seva of Akal Purakh.  Naam Simran focuses our Surat and Hirda on Naam and takes us into Samadhi and Sunn Samadhi.  It brings stability to our mind and eventually complete silence when the mind is eliminated.  During the process Naam takes over our mind, Hirda and then the entire body.  Then when Naam travels to our Rom Rom all of our Bajjar Kapaats open.  All of our Sat Sarovars are enlightened and activated resulting in a continuous flow of Amrit inside our body.  Our Kundalini Shakti is awakened and our entire body – Suksham Dehi goes through the correction process by elimination of the Panj Doots.
Surrender of Munn is to follow the Guru’s words literally as a Sat Bachan with trust, devotion and unconditional love.  Unconditional love is love without any demands.  Love with demands is not Bandgi.  Love with demands becomes conditional.  Love with demands becomes a business and not Bandgi.  So accept the Guru’s words as Sat Bachans without any questions, doubts or illusions.  The day when all of our questions are answered, or our mind is all cleared of all of the questions, and also our mind is cleared of all of the doubts and illusions, we are placed with the GurParsaad into the Karam Khand of our Bandgi.  This is the fourth stage out of five of Bandgi process.
According to Jap Ji Bani, Dhan Dhan SatGur Nirankaar Roop Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj has blessed us all with this divine wisdom which tells us that these five Khands are Dharam Khand, Gyan Khand, Saram Khand, Karam Khand and Sach Khand.  Not following the Sat Bachans of the Guru is the main reason for no spiritual success for almost the entire population engaged in this process.  We need to have full and complete faith, commitment, trust, devotion and love towards our Guru’s words. 

If we don’t have that and don’t follow the Guru’s words then how can we expect to make progress on this path to Eternity?  Not following the Guru’s words means not following the GurMat.  Not following the GurMat means following the self wisdom or worldly wisdom, which is not going to bring us any divine awards.  Hence, we have to completely leave our own wisdom and worldly wisdom aside and adopt the divine wisdom – GurMat in all of our actions and deeds.  Only then are we be able to focus on Sat Ki Karni which then makes us compliant with giving our Munn to the Guru.  Giving our Munn to the Guru is the second part of Puran Bandgi – which is a mandatory divine law for achieving Totality and achieving Puran Bandgi. 

The next and the last part of Puran Bandgi is giving our Dhann to the Guru – which means giving at least one tenth of our net earnings to the Guru – actually God asks us to surrender ALL of our mind, body and wealth.  This is also a mandatory divine law.  However, the Guru is very kind and He has given us all this concession by asking us to give only one tenth of our time and money.  When we give one tenth of our time and money to the Guru, He supplements it with the remaining 90 percent from His own treasures.  So giving 10 percent and achieving a reward of 100 percent is not a bad deal at all, just think it over!

At the same time please think for a second, what would happen if we gave more than 10 percent?  Our Guru’s promise is to supplement our donations according to this divine law?  However, that is a rare soul who gives more.  On the contrary, we have seen and physically experienced that for the majority of people, it is the most difficult thing to part with money.  So people don’t give Dasvandh to their Guru in accordance with this mandatory divine law of Puran Bandgi.    

There are some people who do give 10 percent of their time to the Guru, but don’t give their Munn and Dhann to the Guru.  That is why their spiritual success is limited.  Giving our Munn is the most important thing to give to the Guru.  If we give our Munn to the Guru then we are bound to give our Tunn and Dhann to the Guru by itself.  Giving Munn to the Guru blesses us with the divine wisdom of following the Guru’s words and we are  blessed to follow the GurMat.  Following the GurMat we are blessed with the divine wisdom about the importance of giving Tunn and Dhann to the Guru and then we are able to completely surrender to our Guru.  So, if you are finding it difficult to surrender to the Guru completely, giving your Munn to the Guru is the best way to start.  This will automatically take you to the complete surrender and enable you to go into Puran Bandgi.