24. Self-slander

Self-criticism is the best thing one can do to reach the higher realms of the Eternal Truth.  Whereas self praise does the opposite.  
“Self Ki Nindya” (slandering your own self) is the only slander one should be doing.  Pointing a finger at one’s self (instead of pointing and blaming others) is the key to success on the spiritual path.  It brings in the “Garibi ves Hirda” (heart of humbleness).  And whichever spiritual heart centre (“Hirda”) has the “Garibi” humbleness the Almighty lives in there.   The “Garibi Ves Hirda” is humility, the utmost humility.  It is seeing everyone else as above us, and our self as lowest of the lowest, the slave of the slaves, the “Charan Dhool” (foot dust) of the “Kot Brahamand” (countless realms of Creation), the “Charan Dhool” (foot dust) of the entire creation.  This is when there is a death of ego (“haumai”) and death of ego means “Jivan Mukti” (liberated while alive).  The death of ego means winning over Maya.  The death of ego means the entire creation is revealed as the (body of God) Attribute full form of Timeless lover of all (“Sargun Saroop of Akal Purakh”).  The death of ego means the achievement of the (“Dib Drisht”) inner vision when the divine eye opens and everything becomes “Sargun Saroop” embodiment of God around you. 
You are a “Dhan Dhan” (great great) soul who is full of humility. Please keep it up, you are doing great, please dedicate yourself more and more to Complete Lovable Utmost sacrificial spiritual laboring (“Puran Bandgi”) and you will be doing better and better. 
We are just the “charan dhool” foot dust of you all, of the enlightened ones, we are nothing, no Saint by any means.  We are just a “dass” servant of “bishta ka kira” worm in manure.  We will always be a sacrifice to you all doing Loving recitation/remerance of utmost pure-pious-always present Name of Love Lord TRUTH  “Satnaam, we will always remain under the dust of your pure and pious feet and shoes. 

 Slave of Slaves
(“Dassan Das”)