99% Do Not Listen, Do Not Surrender

What can we advise you, please educate us?

You asked for guidance & we gave you Puran Sat – the very divine super power that has gifted us with Infinite Power and Gyan of such a depth.  It will never make sense through words alone, it must be experienced. Through Experiencing Truth Gyan is realized.

Why ask for guidance when you seek not to follow it?

We can do nothing but gift the Puran Sat, but you do not surrender, 99% of you do not listen to it, 99% of you do not acknowledge it.

What magic do you seek to transform you to become of Brahmgyan.

You ask for education, then take it:

Live Truth,

Speak Truth,

See Truth,

Commit Truth Actions,

Focus on Truth,

Recognize Truth,

Serve Truth,

Deliver Truth,

Fight for Truth,

Gift Truth,

Die Truth.

To surrender to such a level, can only mean the Hirda has evolved to Truth= Merged as Truth,  earning Truth through perfect actions
Please do not respond with, “yes Guru Pyare Jee you are right.”  If you accept the words we have given, then prove in action, Glorify Truth for Truths Sake and not self.

God Bless you, God Bless your wife and God Bless your children,

Your Brother & Slave,

Mr Singh