Every Second is an Accounted Process of Bhagti

One minute we may be flying in the sky with the gift of Anand (Gurparsaadi Blessings) on recognizing and utilizing the infinite production of Amrit within the body, the next you may receive a Hard Slap across the face and be slandered by society, breaking you and the state of consciousness which had taken a life time to recognize. 

The Highs and Lows are experienced by all across the spectrum, the reasons will be unique as nobody lives the same story – That is God with his infinite Gyan proving there is no greater Script Writer. After all this is His Khel. 

Whatever we endure, there is a Justification for every action, while living as a Manmukh it will be of great difficulty to recognize Justification in those visually negative events that occur in life.

Even more difficult to recognize Justification in the fact that God is in every action, no matter what the action is. – Strong words when considered deeply.  

He gifted this Khand the freedom of thought, but as free as we may consider ourselves, nothing is created beyond the freedom of his Gyan.

The Infinite Lord is in a state of recognition where no entity is beyond his means, he is infinite his Gyan is infinite, self recognized and created, it grows beyond the action of thought or choice, the vast in the Divine Knowledge is living off its own means of Nothing.  

We write these words because no matter how your Bhagti may appear to be moving (forward/backwards/stood-still), all is a Process of the Moment, every action is a lesson and test, some may be miniature and others beyond comprehension due to the weight of negativity they bring to your system.  

He gifted us to achieve a substantial level of Gyan in mere years, but on doing so we must prove our worth every step/ every moment of the way, – Until the day he chooses for no further requirement of any test. 

On being recognised as Worthy of Truth, the Truth-seeker and Truth are united/merge as One, duplicity ends in every meaning, the experience of achieving One is what you are here to do. 

God Bless you all to recognise the individual Processes of Bhagti.