Ajuni (Unborn)

“Ik Oankaar SatNaam” is the creator of whole creation that is why He is Karta Purakh (Creastor Being).  He is beyond the limitations of time and space, so He is Deathless/Timeless  – Akal Moorat.    As He is beyond time, space and the three aspects of Maya, that is why He neither takes birth nor dies – Ajuni.   


He was alive from the beginning of the universe and throughout all Ages and He does not have an end.  Neither does He have a beginning nor has anyone ever found the secret of His end that is why He is forever endless and infinite. He is eternal forever and ever.


As He is the creator of 8.4 million life forms, that is why He is not born as one of them.  That is why, a soul which wins over the three aspect Maya and goes beyond it, that soul merges in “Ik Onkaar Satnaam.”   That is why it loses its identity and becomes eternal forever and ever. Such a soul then also becomes free from the shackles of birth and death.  Such a soul becomes Jivan Mukt  and becomes Ajooni too.  


(Jivan Mukt- The one who is liberated whilst still alive in the human body.  Jivan Mukt is a Sant Hirda.  Jivan Mukt is a Sat Hirda.  Jivan Mukti comes while living on this Earth.  A lot of people live in this illusion that Jivan Mukti comes after physical death, that is not true.  Jivan Mukti comes while living on this Earth.  It doesn’t come after physical death, however, it does come with the death of Haumai and defeating Maya. 


Mukti from Maya is Jivan Mukti.  Mukti from Maya comes by defeating Maya and going beyond Maya.  Bandgi is basically, performing Mahima of Akal Purakh.  Performing Naam Simran is performing Akal Purakh Ki Mahima.  Doing GurBani is doing Akal Purakh Ki Mahima.  By performing the Mahima of Akal Purakh comes Jivan Mukti and a place in Dargah.  With GurParsaad comes infinite divine treasures, never ending peace of mind, everlasting eternal happiness and wonderful glories and all of the divine qualities.  The most important thing is that these divine gifts become ours forever and we never lose them.


Almost the entire human population operates under the three attributes of Maya.   Only the ones who go beyond the three attributes of Maya are blessed with the Gur Parsaad of Nirgun and Sargun becoming one within them resulting in the Infinite Divine Power taking over them completely.  At this stage there remain no shackles of Maya around them.  There are no Bandhans (ties) with anything of Maya.  There remains no attachment of any kind with anything.  This means there is freedom.  This freedom is called salvation.  This freedom is available to every soul in this universe, but most people still choose to live the life of a slave of Maya.)