Akal Moorat (Deathless/Timeless Image)

Karta Purkah (Creator Being) is the Creator of whole creation including the creation of time and space.  Hence, He is also known as Akal Purakh (Deathless/Timeless Being).  “Ik Oankaar Satnaam” Himself is  beyond time and space. That great, supreme, infinite, endless power is neither born in time and space nor does It then die.  Whatever is born in time and space, is sure to end in time and space. Whatever is born is under the influence of time and is undergoing change with every second. This change is taking it towards its end.  Whatever is undergoing change is Asat (not Truth), is Maya. There is a definite end to the whole creation and because of this quality the whole creation is Asat, is Maya. This means that the whole creation has been created and is being created under Maya.


The whole creation is under the three aspects of Maya:


1)    Rajo (Brahma – power of creation);

2)    Tamo (Mahesh/Shiva – power of destruction) and

3)    Sato (Vishnu – power of sustaining).


The creator of Maya, and hence these three aspects/powers, is “Ik Onkaar Satnaam”.  The supreme, endless, Infinite Divine Power is the creator of time, space and Maya and is beyond them. That is why “Akaal Moorat” is another supreme, endless, infinite, divine virtue of “Ik Onkaar Satnaam”. A human being who wins over the three aspects of Maya becomes completely truthful and merges in “Ik Oankaar Satnaam” – complete Truth and achieves Jivan Mukti (liberation from Maya whilst alive) by achieving the supreme state.


The Hirdha of such a soul, by earning the perfect truthful inner compliance, comes into the state of perfect silence, becomes Nirbhao and Nirvair.  Then “Ik Oankaar Satnaam,” the great, great Supreme Transcendent Lord – Truth (Sat) has to appear in such a Hirdha Himself. Such a Hirdha becomes a Sant Hirdha and is graced by the supreme, endless, infinite, divine powers of the Puran Braham Gyan (complete divine wisdom) and the Puran Tat Gyan (The deep divine knowledge and understanding.  Tat Gyan is the highest level of  Braham Gyan.  The person who reaches this level of Braham Gyan can never slip back.  Until we are blessed with the GurParsaad of Tat Gyan and we become Tat Key Baytay, we are very likely to slip back.  Another very important point to understand is that the divine wisdom, the Puran Tat Gyan, doesn’t come by reading many religious books.  Puran Tat Gyan is also not achieved by reading GurBani on a daily basis.  Puran Tat Gyan is also not achieved by any other means such as doing Yoga and other religious rituals.  Puran Tat Gyan comes from within when our Bandgi reaches that level after all of our Bajjar Kapaats (inner doors) are opened, Dasam Duaar (crown chakra) is opened, Sat Sarovars are enlightened with Naam, Kundalini is awakened and our Hirdha is blessed with Puran Jyot Parkash and our Bandagi is accepted in the Dargah (Divine Court).  Therefore, for reaching this level of spirituality we have to focus on the eternal treasure of Naam, the GurParsaad).