Saibhang (Self Supported)

“Ik Oankaar” has created Himself and called Himself Satnaam.  Then He has created the whole creation by becoming Karta Purakh.  He is Akal Moorat, beyond time, space and Maya.  He is  free from the shackles of birth and death so is Ajuni.  As He is the creator of Maya and hence is beyond its three aspects, He is the source and owner of all the supreme virtues and supreme endless, infinite powers.  One of these powers is that He is Saibhang, meaning that He is the support of Himself.  He is illuminated from His own self. He is enlightened by His own support.  He does not need any other support.  He Himself is the support of each and every creation.  He is great, supreme, endless, infinite power and He Himself is the support of the entire creation. Being the support of the entire creation, He is manifested in the entire creation. He is looking after and taking care of the entire creation. Nobody can have the capability to create Him. Nobody can have the capability of being His support.  He is omnipresent and by virtue of His Nirgun supreme power He Himself is looking after the entire Sargun Saroop.

(Nirgun Saroop-The Infinite Divine Power that is beyond three attributes of Maya is called Nirgun Saroop.  Experienced as Divine Light).

(Sargun Saroop- The infinite divine power that runs the individual creations, being present in individual creations, is called Sargun Saroop.  God is the force holding all of the creation together, living or not, and that is his Sargun Saroop.   The divine power, that keeps the creation together is the Sargun Saroop.  For example, the life element in us is the Sargun Saroop.  Our soul,which keeps our breath and blood running, is the Sargun Saroop.  All of the Sat Sarovar in our soul is Sargun Saroop.  But, our physical body is Maya, it is matter, so it is Maya.  Anything that is visible to the naked eye is Maya, so Maya is visible and the Sargun Saroop is not visible.  But the force holding matter together is God’s Sargun Saroop.  Remember that the physical creations are not the Sargun, but the infinite divine power that runs these creations is the Sargun Saroop, and since every creation is run by this Sargun infinite divine power, this is how the infinity, Akal Purakh, is omnipresent and runs the entire creation).