Nirvair (Without Hate)



Being Nirvair (without hate) is the next supreme power of Sat Parbrahm Pita Parmesar (Supreme Transcendent Father God, Truth). This supreme power(of being without hate, Nirvair) is also called the supreme virtue of  virtues.   


As He is Karta Purakh (Creator Being) and is absorbed in every bit of His creation and is taking care of the whole creation Himself, so He does not have animosity with anyone. That is why Supreme Transcendent Father God, Truth,  is Nirvair.


As He is Nirvair, that is why He is Ik Drisht (sees all equally, all as one).  Being Ik Drisht, He has equal love for the whole creation and there is no discrimination with anyone at His door. He does not point out the bad qualities of anyone.


He does not have animosity with any of His created Khand-Brahmands (inner spiritual realms and outer physical worlds) as well as the 8.4 million life forms.  He is the friend of the whole creation. He is the father and mother of all. He is Maha-Parupkaari(greatest giver as He gives salvation).  The doors of His Dargah are forever open for the whole creation, for the whole humanity. (Dargah- Divine Court of The Lord. God and His Bhagats(lovers) run Sach Khand(realm of Truth).  Their command is issued from Dargah(Divine court). In the Dargah, God is represented by Himself and among this world of Maya, God is represented by these Maha Purakhs(great souls). For a spiritually illiterate person the Dargah and the Earth are two opposite ends, and these Maha Purakhs make both these ends meet through them. The Infinite Divine Power of Dargah is present on the Earth in the form of these Maha Purakhs. In both places this Infinite Divine Power is prevailing. Both the Dargah and world is being run by this Infinite Divine Power. The ones who follow His divine laws with His own command and achieve the Gur Parsaad, are blessed with this Infinite Divine Powers while physically sitting on this Earth, but at the same time sitting in the Dargah as well. That is why GurBani(God-Guru’s word) says wherever there is a Sant sitting the Dargah is right there. Wherever there is a Braham Gyani (Knower of God) sitting, the Dargah is right there. Wherever there is a SatGur(Truth Guru), sitting the Dargah is right there. And where there is Dargah there is no rule of Maya. So sitting at the Charans(Lotus Feet) of a Sant is sitting in Dargah and beyond three attributes of Maya. This is why a Sant is the Mahima(praise) of Akal Purakh(Immortal God), because God makes the Dargah appear where there is a Sant present on this Earth and that is where both ends meet – Earth and Dargah. Earth becomes Dargah. Earth becomes Dhan-Dhan(greatly Blessed) where there is a Sant sitting.)


Being Ik Drisht, the Supreme Transcendent Father God,  Truth, is infinitely kind and infinitely compassionate.  He is the infinite forgiver. He does not take even a moment to forgive all the infinite sins of our lives and previous lives. Being absorbed in the smallest of the small and lowest of low of His creations, He is the source of infinite humility.


As He is the owner of this supreme power of infinite humility, so the path to achieve Him is the path of utmost humility. That is why utmost and infinite humility and respect are the key to entering Dargah. That is why by achieving this supreme power of being Nirvair, one can merge in Him. Being Nirvair means achieving the supreme power of being Ik Drisht, achieving the supreme power of supreme kindness, achieving the supreme virtue of forgiving the criminals, achieving the supreme virtue of  infinite humility and respect and the Gurparsaad of completely filling our hirdha with these supreme virtues.


Only the one who becomes Nirvair can merge into Him, Truth.  By winning over maya and going beyond the three aspects of Maya, only the one who becomes Nirvair can merge with Sat Paarbrahm Pita Parmeshar.  Only the one who becomes Nirvair can serve the Pooran Sat (Complete Truth). Only that one can distribute Pooran Sat. That is why human life has the order from God’s Court for achieving the Nirvair state to merge with the Immortal Being and for complete devotion. Only a Nirvair human being can get the gift of Gurparsaad (Eternal Blessings) of Parupkaar(philanthropy) and Mahaparupkaar(giving salvation to others).  Only a Nirvair human being can get Puran Bandagi (Complete their Devotional Path) and Sada Suhaag(Eternal acceptance from God).