Ecstasy of Truth

He created all the intoxicants you see, alcohol, drugs, and cigarettes etc etc. All designed to enhance the fight in the test of realizing truth. But all this is false, it is temporary, it doesn’t help you in anyway, you tell yourself it does, but the false can only destroy and bless problems.   

No intoxicant is more insatiable than the Divine Truth. They call it Sat Ka Nasha– it is beyond words, only the Brahmgyani can recognize this ecstasy and to add to its pros- it never ends, it is infinite.  

Fools believe worldly living is the highest bliss -be it clubs, bars, social life, sex and chasing fantasy….  

At present: time has shifted in what is recognized as the fourth age Kal Yuga, Maya has taken Raj (Rule) for many and Divine Truth is an obsolete vision in the background.   

The love affair today: is of the Egotistical mind to be accepted in society by lowering self to the standards of society- this is what the Kal Yuga represents.   

The great temptations are your test- may you realize the false and act on it with the greatest Seva of Truth before you receive the slap of Karma.  

The Great Super-being never asked his creation to take 36 ages of solitude- that was his divine experience. He gifted us to do it in several years rather than millions as he did. Several mere years of configuring the Truth sounds simple- but can you keep to the task is the question.