22. Why Are Saints Persecuted?

Questions from Roma Ji , answers from Sant Ji.   Question :  I have recited ‘Ik Oankar Sat Naam’ (God is One.  His Name is  ‘Truth’) many times but lately I am actually feeling it inside. And it is a … Read More

23. True Guru and True Disciple

The True GuruThe True Guru keeps a followereternally in the love of the Lord.He who follows a True Guru isblessed with the devotion to himWithin. Happiness is following the True Guru,through which one dwells on God,and attains eternal peace. (Adi … Read More

24. Bhagat – God’s lover

God is the Creator and is also the giver to all. It is the inner God in ourselves (soul), who we have to liberate through self-realization. A Brahmgyani is totally liberated and is absorbed in the Lord and a state … Read More