11. Sant And Jan

   My body belongs to the Saints, my wealth belongs to the Saints,and my mind belongs to the Saints. SGGS 610   Dear beloved ones of the Guru, with the infinite and unparalled blessings of  great Sant Satguru Baba Ji … Read More

12. Khalsa

The word “Khalsa” has been hugely misunderstood by most Sikhs.  Please try to understand its real meaning.  It is the extremely high spiritual state (Atmik Awastha) of a person that makes him or her a Khalsa:   In whose heart … Read More

13. Who Is A Jivan Mukt ?

With the  infinite blessings of God and Sant Satguru Baba Ji  (who is eternally blessed to be so by God through a blessing from God’s court) this servant of the Guru’s sangat is sharing a glimpse of the Truth about … Read More

14. Who Is Sahib?

This head of the lowest bows at your feet.Sahib is a frequently used word in our daily life and religious circles.  For example in punjabi circles it is a title of respect for a person: Sardar sahib, Mem Sahib,  Major Sahib  … Read More

15. Guru-Disciple Relationship

Here are  interesting quotes relating to the Guru-Disciple relationship, from a Buddhist perspective:   "A good spiritual friend who will help us to stay on the path, with whom we can discuss our difficulties frankly, sure of a compassionate response, … Read More

16. The King Of 14 Realms

QUESTION:- What does 14 lok parlok mean? Like when we say, "Baba jee is the king of 14 lok parlok". ANSWER:- Ik Oankaar Satnaam Satgur ParsaadDhan Dhan Paar Braham ParmesarDhan Dhan Guru Sangat Jee: Kottan Kot Dandaut Parvaan Karna Ji, Gur … Read More

17. Satnaam is the Satguru

We find one of the biggest delusions that has clouded a lot of people’s beliefs is that one does not need a ‘living’ Guru, or that there can be no ‘living Guru’. Guru Granth Sahib Jee is the praise of … Read More