One God Named Truth who is realized by the grace of the Truth Guru (“Ik Oankaar Satnaam Satgur Parsaad”) Dear, great, great, lovable, always love filled supreme Guru (“Gur”)-Guru-Truth Guru-Holy Guru’s divine blessed congregation-True Congregation –Divine Love filled Guru’s Divine Word … Read More

1. Living Truth Guru is against Sikhism

=================================================== Editors Note – some definitions:-1) Complete Purified Soul Being:- “Khalsa” 2) Complete Knower Of Universal Wisdom: – “Brahm Gyani” 3) True Good Being:- “Sadh” =================================================== The biggest and the foremost damaging illusion that has gripped the minds of the masses … Read More

5. Old Age Is for Devotion

There is a gross misunderstanding amongst the masses about what age to start reciting (“JAAP”) God’s Divine Name (“NAAM”).   Most people think that the time for recitation of God’s divine name (“NAAM”) is old age.  They think that childhood and … Read More

6. Only Money is Maya

Most people consider Maya as money only, their understanding is limited to interpreting Maya as money only but there is a deep divine meaning behind this word (“Shabad”) Maya and needs to be understood its real meaning and how it … Read More