Atal Awastha

Totally stable state.  The soul that can never be disturbed by anything that happens around him whatever it may be, because he goes into Puran Hukam and realizes in all practical senses that everything that happens is in the Hukam … Read More


Totally stable.  Unshakable.  See Atal Awastha.


8 Verse Poem.  Sukhmani Bani is composed as 24 Astpadis.


Maya element of the creation i.e matter.  Within the Asthool, the Sookham is the divine element that provides life.


Posture the body spontaneously takes when the Infinite Divine Power expresses Himself through our body.  Read "Meaning of One Palm Raised (Asans)".

Arog Kanchan Dehi

Disease free golden astral body.  The astral body starts to become an “Arog (disease free) Kanchan (golden) Dehi (astral body)” in Karam Khand and becomes complete in Sach Khand.


Humble prayer.  Unfortunately, people misuse Ardas to pray for the fulfillment of desires.  Just remember that there is no limit to His kindness.  He can give us anything, so much so, He can even give us His Throne, He can … Read More


Money.   Money is not evil, it is the desire for money that traps the mind in the web of Maya.  Money is a commodity to be used.  Money is for living, but we don’t live for making or collecting money … Read More