Akhand Kirtan

When the Anhad Naad word is heard in the Dassam Duaar continuously, it becomes the real Akhand Kirtan because it never stops, it goes on 24 hours a day for ever.  As opposed to the common meaning today to sing … Read More

Akath Katha

When the Apras unites with the Almighty and feels in his Hirda what is undescribable in words.


God is beyond Kaal – beyond time and space.


God is beyond the cycle of birth and death.

Ajapa Jaap

The ones who are blessed with Bandgi in Karam Khand go into Ajapa Jaap, which is the spiritual condition of a person when the Simran goes on an autopilot mode in our Surat and then in our Hirda.  The one … Read More


The one who is full of Ahankaar – Ego & Pride. Same as Haumai.