Amrit Ka Daata

Giver of the gift of Amrit.  When we have defeated Maya and attached completely to the Infinite Divine Power we lose our individuality and our identity and the Infinite Divine Power takes over us completely.  With our complete surrender at … Read More

Amrit Dhari

The holder of Amrit.  Commonly and incorrectly used to refer to a person who has received Sikh initiation at the "Amrit ceremony".  At the ceremony water is prayed over and is commonly and incorrectly referred to as Amrit – historically … Read More

Amrit Barkha

Amrit Shower.  Where a Puran Sant sits has been called the same as the Dargah of Akal Purakh and there is a constant Amrit shower available at the Sat Charans of a Puran Sant.  Where there is a Puran Sant … Read More

Amrit Bani

1) When we become Jivan Mukt then we become the Charan Dhool of the entire creation, but given a highly respectable place in the Dargah of Akal Purakh Ji.  When we become Jivan Mukt then our word becomes the word … Read More


Our own soul (see Atma) is basically, the Amrit.  The life element is the Amrit.  It is the Amrit that breathes inside our physical body and keeps it going.  Bandgi is nothing but discovery of this Amrit within our own … Read More