God is incomprehensible with the normal five senses.  Only the divine sense can recognize and realize Him.

Agam Agochar

God cannot be seen or observed through the five senses.  The Divine Eye – Dib Drisht, is required to see, hear and feel Him within.


Supreme God can’t be reached by an ordinary person – need the GurParsaad – Eternal Blessings.

Aad Purakh

The Primal Being – the One who is the Origin of every creation.


Supreme God is unlimited, infinite and can’t be measured.


God is not visible with the naked eye.  He is visible only with the Gyan Netter – divine eye.  Also called Trikuti, where Ida, Pingla and Sushman meet in your forehead. These are the channels through which spiritual power (Kundalini) … Read More


Indestructable.  Remember that we are not the body, but we are the soul, and the soul is Abinaasee.   This means it is not prone to change.  It never changes.  It remains the same and never dies.  Only the physical body … Read More


The one who is full of ego, full of Ahankaar, full of Haumai.