Putting into practice.  Eg Naam Ki Kamai – earning the Naam by doing naam simran.  Kamai of Shabad Guru – earning the Shabad by putting it into practice.  

Kal Yug

Age of Darkness.  The current Age we are living in is called the Kal Yug.  This means the age of darkness.  The darkness which is influenced by the Rajo and Tamo attributes of Maya and desires.  Kal Yug is being … Read More

Kacho Kacha

The one whose Bandgi is not blessed as Puran by the Dargah is counted as fake or incomplete in the Dargah and not authorized to deliver the GurParsaad to the Sangat and will remain reincarnating in the cycle of death … Read More


A cow in heaven which is also believed to fulfill all desires.   All this is received through Naam.  

Kaam (2)

Desires.  Fullfillment of desires as one of the four neccessties of life, Chaar Padarath.