Law of Karma means we reap what we sow.  Whatever we do forms our destiny.  Everything we are doing is all under God’s Law and there is nothing in our hands in all physical and divine senses.    

Karam Kand

Accumation of actions that result in being reborn to pay our dues and receive our rewards.  

Karam (2)

GurParsaad.  As in Karam Khand meaning the stage the ones who have the GurParsaad are in.  The one who surrenders to the Guru with Tunn, Munn and Dhann and with full trust, unconditional love and devotion goes into Samadhi.  Some … Read More


Task.  The real divine Karaj that we have been given this human life is to become a Sant Hirda.  When we completely surrender to the Guru then the Guru takes care of us completely and forever. 


Lotus.  The blossom in the Sat Sarovars.