The five Khands mentioned in Jap Ji are  1) Dharam 2) Gyan 3) Saram 4) Karam 5) Sach Realm, stage.  Khands are the spiritual Realms that our soul progresses through on the way to Truth consciousness when committed to the path … Read More


Pure Soul.  A Puran Khalsa is a Puran Brahamgiani and nothing less than that, those who think and call of themselves a Khalsa without reaching Puran Brahamgian Stage are mistaken and are fooling themselves and the masses.  A Puran Khalsa … Read More


Khaanee means the sources of the creations.  There are four Khaanees:- Andaj (egg), Jeyraj (placenta), Utbhuj (earth) and Seytaj (sweat).  These Khaanees form the basis of the creation or the field of the creations.  These Khaanees exist on many millions … Read More


Discourse.  Please understand that the Katha of a Brahamgiani is not and never planned in advance.  The Katha, or the advice that comes out of such an entity who has reached the Brahamgian stage depends upon what the people sitting … Read More

Karta Purakh

The Creator and the only Doer. Akal Purakh is Sat and whatever He does is Sat.  The entire creation has originated from Sat.  Sat is the super divine infinite power which is the only Doer – Karta Purakh.  He is … Read More


God, the Divine Law Maker has written all of the mandatory divine laws (GurBani).