Kirtan / Kirtunn

Divine meaning is "Kir" ( to stablise) and "Tunn" (body controlled by mind).  Kirtan means "stabilization of our mind".   Listening to Kirtan means listening to the Anhad Naad word in Dassam Duaar.  Singing Kirtan means the Rom-Rom Naam Simran, which … Read More

Kirpa Nidhaan

Infinite treasure of Kirpa.   Kirpa is the super divine power that makes everything happen, and Nidhaan is the treasure which is infinite.  He is infinite so his treasure is infinite too.  Kirpa can’t be measured so it is infinite and … Read More


Infinite divine power of Divine Mercy.  Mercy is another divine quality, an infinite divine power that is a part of His eternal treasures.  Is there any limit to mercy?  Can we measure mercy?  Is it possible to gage the depth … Read More


Our job. The true work is to do Naam simran and Puran Bandgi. 

Kiram Jant

The person who thinks himself as low as a lowly worm, brings in humbleness in the Hirda is greeted by God in His Dargah and becomes a king of Chaudha Lok Parlok. 


To stabilize (in Punjabi it means Keelna). 


Considering that everything is happening due to the Divine powers and our physical body is nothing more than a medium.  This attitude gives us utmost humility. 


The entire universe is His Khel – a divine game that He plays.  There is only one rule in His game that prevails and that rule is the Truthfulness.  Truthfulness wins and falsehood or untruthfulness loses.  Truthfulness is the key … Read More

Khande Batta Ki Pahul

Sikh Initiation of the sword and holy water, nowadays incorrectly called the Amrit Ceremony.  Only a SatGur is Amritdhari and by being so is Amrit Ka Daata.  Mostly the people who take Khande Batta Ki Pahul call themselves Amritdhari, which … Read More