Seeing The Light

Surrendering completely with Tunn, Munn and Dhann at the Sat Charans of a Sadh ignites the Jyot inside us.  Our birth in the human life is due to this Jyot, which is inside us.  In a normal person this Jyot is hidden within and is kept like that due to the influence of Maya – Panj Doots and Trishna.  This Jyot comes to the forefront only when we go beyond Maya – then it takes over and appears as Param Jyot Puran Parkash. 

Working under the influence of Panj Doots and Trishna your body has become so corrupted that the Jyot doesn’t want to appear as per the command of the Infinite Divine Power, the divine laws.  For the Jyot to appear in within you, you need to be cleansed and purified. 

When we go at the Charan Sharan of a Sadh then we are blessed with GurParsaad and this GurParsaad – which is the Infinite Divine Power cleans us up from inside and purifies us from inside to make a place for this Jyot to appear.  Washing the Charans of a Sadh will ignite this Jyot inside us.  Drinking the water after washing the Charans of a Sadh will do wonders to our spiritual life.  Taking a bath with the Charan Dhool of a Sadh will clean us from inside and will purify our mind, soul, Hirda and body.  All of our sins are washed away, all of our bad deeds are pardoned.  All of our misdoings are forgiven.  All this  contributes to the transformation of our mind and Hirda.  Our mind and Hirda is then filled with the Puran Parkash. 

Please be sure to understand that when we say Parkash we really physically see this Parkash, it is not just said in GurBani, it happens to us physically and our body is filled with this divine Jyot and Parkash and we can physically see this Divine Light.  Therefore, please do what GurBani is telling us to do and enjoy everything that GurBani says will happen to us.  All this really happens, it is not any illusion, it is a Divine Truth.