Social life and love

Question to the Truth Seeker: how long can your relationships last (regardless of form)?  

Answer: As long as your thoughts and ideas are compatible.  

Re-read the highlighted words above. See the false in this realm, once your ideas shift one is eventually outlawed hence you will find Mankind seeking only to pleasure the wants of society rather than to do the right thing.   

The Brahmgyani is the modern day outlaw of society- testing the convention of the foolish man. What does the Raj (kingdom) of today stand for- Ego, Pride, Monetary Gain, Self Empowerment or War of the Science (worldly knowledge).  

See the Ahankaar and get up, you may feel you are walking alone on the path of denouncing the Five Thieves Kam Krodh Lobh Moh & Ahankaar but the Masters are with you, Hand in Hand to walk you down the path.   

You must recognize these forms of love are only temporary- only his love is infinite, you will never understand this until you seek to experience it.   

Regardless of your wrongs the Infinite of Love will still seek to see your True Betterment- hence your Karma is your Gift – no matter the highs or low we should remain thankful.   

Gurbani: Dukh Daroo Sukh Rog Bhaaiaa – in simple terms, the gifted pain (Dukh) is to derive your betterment (Sukh)