Frustration nor Patience show compliance to Hukam

To do Bhagti (devotion) and not accept Hukam the being in question is openly living under the 5 faces of Maya.  

To be devoted one is beyond the wants and requirements of self, whenever you feel frustrated on this path record the event on paper or make a mental note, then count how many times you commit fault under the hold of Maya. Then you will be able to self assess your state of mind.  

It can be an unwelcoming thought to see yourself failing, but we advise you to recognise the blessings. Being your own Nindak is Gurparsaad, you see your Mistakes and recognize where Karni creates the Karam. Then you move forward with more vigilance and awareness on the actions and thoughts committed. Structuring life around the self-assessment shows dedication and is recognised in Dargah. 

Nothing goes unrecognised, you are now aware that you reap what you sow, so do not account the Seva of Bhagti committed in Glorifying Truth to go Unheard. – the Truth Seekers who don’t recognise this fall prey to the false of Maya and are then unable to advance from this simple stage of Gyan. 

As always the Dukh only derives Sukh, the awareness of the faults and the Gyan to assist the understanding of the experience will only push you forward into the light.  

Declaring Patience may be your next step forward. This isn’t the way either, who are we to declare any implementation onto the Gyan of Hukam that is beyond us – even though it is before us. Even patience is a form of Stance.  

Have no stance, have no claim, be humble and recognize all that he is doing is in Perfect Balance/Harmony. Embed his will, embed his Hukam in to your system and recognize that you live under his Hukam – Joh Tera Hukam. We are here to serve, to glorify the Truth as you have done with us, as you now require of us. 

Joh Tera Hukam, Joh Tera Hukam, Joh Tera Hukam