Forgive And Be Forgiven

Forgiveness is one of His divine qualities.  Once we turn our life around towards the Gur and Guru and give up everything at their Sat Charans then all of our misdeeds from this life and all previous lives will be forgiven.  All of our sins from this life and all previous lives are forgiven instantaneously.  Our spiritual progress is directly proportional to how much we surrender to the Gur and Guru.  Forgiveness is one of the Infinite Divine Powers as there is no end to His limits of forgiveness.  Basically, He forgives anything and everything that is even beyond our imagination.  In fact, He doesn’t look at our bad qualities at all – Awgun.  All He looks at is how much dedication we have towards the Gur and Guru.  How much we have given up at the Charan Sharan of the Gur and Guru and we are rewarded accordingly in terms of our spiritual progress. 

In the same way He would like us to fill up our Hirda with this divine quality of forgiveness.  He doesn’t want us to look at anybody’s bad qualities and bad Karni.  So if anybody does anything wrong to us, just forgive them.  There is no limit to forgiveness.  No matter what kind of crime, we should be able to forgive the criminal.  We should only be looking at how we can do good to others and not retaliate in the same way if somebody does anything harmful to us.  Anybody who does so will have to bear its fruits according to his Karni, but we should not build our destiny by getting involved in negative deeds.  Therefore, forgiveness is the best thing to do.  In this way we build our good destiny and we avoid generating another bad Karam to be reaped in future.  We want to end our Karams and this is how we can do it.  So always be forgiving to whatever may happen around you or to you and fill up your Hirda with this divine quality of forgiveness.