Surrender To The Truth

Give Tan (body), Man (mind) & Dhan (wealth) with no wants, no expectations, no affiliations, no warrant of any achievement only to Glorify the Truth as he chooses for it to be Glorified. That is what you call a Great Slave – that is what you call a Bhagat (devotee). Unconditional love is beyond attachment of Self,- we do it because we seek to benefit our Better.  

They come running to offer there Head in the Service of Truth, then put a knife to there chest promising to cut out there Heart all at the Grace of his Name. But the second it comes to giving Daswandth they bite their tongue and blend back into the crowd to go unseen. What happened to our Noble Slave, where has he gone?  

It is hilarious to watch the attachment of Moh. Men cry at paying taxes, how do they expect to become great slaves if they can’t let go of the false. 

You will find a quick explanation of where the donations go when received on this website – to distributing books, funding the website, converting the Gyan into different languages etc – The only business is to spread his name.  

We did not enjoy the same enthusiasm when seeing the explanation of how Daswandth is used on the website. Then your Trust is not tested with the same strength. If the Guru wants to buy a sports car then here is our Daswandth so he may get a sport car – yes we know very controversial. We don’t care where the money goes, because we are in complete Trust.  

We are not buying love, it isn’t even a proof of love, it is temporary like all else on this realm. Maya has no hold of us, let her come and test us. We came to Glorify Truth and Not Self.  

To Truly give Tan Man & Dhan you must recognise the Puran Sat speaker to be God in mans Garb. It is a real test of Trust. – A very simple test, but too strong to apprehend, because the worldly knowledge of false (maya) comes running to slander any attempt of reaching salvation. –He is a fake sant, a businessman etc.  

The Brahmgyani doesn’t care about your wealth nor his own, they live at the Hukam of God, they are in a state of consciousness where they cannot be budged, no affiliation of Maya, no matter how sordid the fantasy it hasn’t any affect on there being.  

At the thought of a simple financial transaction please do not consider your bhagti to evolve within a moments notice. You still have to give Tan and Man, meaning complete compliance of Trust and Respect to the Gyan taught to you.

It is very hard in this Yug of man to overcome the Maya, to completely surrender at the feet of Truth, but if others and we are able to do it then it cannot be impossible.  

Giving Tan Man & Dhan is a simple process, complying to live to the Hukam as it derives is complete Surrender. The Bhagti will blossoms for aslong as you remain complacent. 

Going beyond the education of Brahmgyan to the state of Atal Awastha, then you are beyond any pull or push, Maya is your slave and the Hirda is beyond the wheel of Mukti they are in living in the infinite.