GurParsaad (Guru’s Eternal Blessings)


“Ik Oankaar SatNaam Karta Purakh Nirbhao Nirvair Akal Moorat Ajooni Saibhang” is GurParsaad  (i.e.  God’s qualities are described from “Ik Oankaar to Saibhang” and they are realised within only by God-Guru’s Grace , the GurParsaad).   Naam, Naam Simran, Naam Di Kamaai, Pooran Bandgi and Seva- Parupkaar and Maha Parupkaar is contained in this Maha Mantar (Great Mantra) Mool Mantar (Mantra that takes you to the Origin).


All the supreme, endless, infinite powers are contained in this Maha Mantar Mool Mantar. This Maha Mantar Mool Mantar is the source of  Naam, Naam Simran, Naam Di Kamaai, Pooran Bandgi and Seva- Parupkaar and Maha Parupkaar.


This  Maha Mantar Mool Mantar is the source of Amrit, source of Jivan Mukti (Salvation), is the source of Param Jot Pooran Parkash in the hirdha, is the source of the supreme power to win over Maya, is the source of getting the divine gift of Pooran Sachyaari Rehat of the Hirdha, is the source of achieving the Param Padvi. All this is GurParsaad.


“Gur” means Akal Purakh (Timeless/Dealthless Being), the great, great, Supreme Transcendent Lord Sat (Truth,  the Eternal One).


“Parsaad” means divine gift, blessings, supreme power.


Realisation of the Divine as defined in the Mool Mantar can be achieved only through the Eternal Blessings (GurParsaad), the grace, the supreme power of Akal Purakh  great, great Supreme Transcendent Lord Sat.


All this is spread in the form of Naam through a Sant-Satguru jn which He Himself is present and He Himself works through.  Naam blossoms because of the blessings of a Satguru. In the end, by breaking the wall of falsehood the internal Satguru unites with the external Satguru which means Nirgun and Sargun (the two parts of Akal Purakh) unite and the human being meets God whilst alive. The human being becomes Jivan Mukat whilst alive.


Great, great honorable Guru Avatar, great, great king of kings Nanak ji with utmost kindness is giving us the complete divine wisdom about GurKirpa (Eternal Grace) and GurParsaad through the Mool Mantra.



GurParsaad is the key to spiritual success. GurParsaad is the divine super power of the highest order. It is the Infinite Divine Power that makes our spiritual progress possible. There is no way that we will be able to progress spiritually without the GurParsaad. When we completely surrender to the Guru then the Guru takes care of us completely and forever. This is what the meaning of GurParsaad is. There is nothing in our hands, everything works under His commandment – Hukam.


Once we realize this divine super power of the Hukam then our Bandgi will become real simple and easy because then He is going to take care of us completely and all of the way to becoming a Sant Hirda and attaining Param Padvi.


GurParsaad is achieved as a result of our previous deeds – from our Karni in our previous lives. We can only achieve GurParsaad if it is part of our destiny due to our Karni. So if we are blessed with GurParsaad in this life then we are very fortunate and we must have done some really truthful deeds in our previous lives.


If we ever get a chance to receive the GurParsaad from the Sant SatGuru we are preordained to meet, “bhaag hoa gur sant milaayiaa,” then please, please truly appreciate how fortunate we are and don’t waste the opportunity that we have worked towards over many, many lifetimes of truthful deeds. Always and forever, please keep in mind forever, that only GurParsaad opens the door for us to achieve all of the eternal treasures.


When Sache Patshah Ji (Dear True King) does this kind of Kirpa upon us then He opens the doors for us to enable us to achieve all of the eternal treasures including a permanent place in His Dargah. These treasures constitute his super infinite divine powers. He gives us divine life by way of GurParsaad. This is the real divine power of GurParsaad that it brings us back to the divine world by giving us divine life.


The ones who have developed their hunger or thirst for Divinity are blessed with this GurParsaad and this becomes a food for them. GurParsaad is the real divine food for the soul. So once we are blessed with GurParsaad then dedicate ourself with Tunn, Munn and Dhann at the Charans of the Sant SatGuru who has blessed us with the GurParsaad. Everything that happens is by the grace of God, it is the GurKirpa. He is the only Doer and everything is a result of his super infinite divine powers.


We also need to realize and understand that GurParsaad has two ends. One end is the Dargah (Divine Court/Our Heart Centre/Hirdha) of Akal Purakh and other end is the Bhavsagar (terrible ocean of the mind).   First by understanding what the Bhavsagar and three attributes of Maya are – Rajo, Tamo and Sato, makes it possible for us to start moving towards the other end which is Dargah (we move from mind to heart only through GurParsaad). Once we start doing this and start moving on this path to Eternity then with the GurParsaad of Naam, Naam Simran, Naam Ki Kamai, Puran Bandgi and Seva we can make both ends meet and completely realize God within our own self.

This Bhavsagar people are currently living in, which is being governed by the three aspects of Maya: Rajo, Tamo and Sato, is a game of the Creator. Those who remain under the Rajo and Tamo aspects of Maya don’t find their way out of this Bhavsagar. But, those who work and operate under the Sato aspect eventually find a way out when they are picked up by God and given the GurParsaad of Naam, Naam Simran, Naam Ki Kamai, Puran Bandgi and Seva. Eventually they swim across the Bhavsagar and go back and merge with God.

The base of our life is GurParsaad. In our life, everything happens only for our benefit because of GurKirpa (Eternal Grace) and GurParsaad (Eternal Blessings).  We can win over the five vices: lust, anger, greed, attachment and ego and win over desires only by virtue of this super power of GurKirpa and GurParsaad.  These are infinite divine powers of great, great, Supreme Transcendent Father Lord. GurKirpa and GurParsaad is achieved with great good fortune. 


We can win over Maya and earn respect in Dargah by virtue of this infinite power. We can achive Pooran Sachyaari Rehat of our hirdha and achieve Divine position which is accepted in Dargah only by virtue of this infinite power.  Only by virtue of this infinite power, we can achieve Sehaj Awastha and Atal Awastha and merge with the Nirgun Saroop of Akal Purakh.


(Sehaj Awastha- Sublime state of mind absorbed in God’s Love.


Atal Awastha- Totally stable state. The soul that can never be disturbed by anything that happens around him whatever it may be, because he goes into Puran Hukam and realizes in all practical senses that everything that happens is in the Hukam and only Hukam prevails.
The ones who achieve GurParsaad and focus on Naam Simran and Naam Ki Kamai achieve Puran Awastha (Supreme Status). Param Padvi is the Puran Awastha (State of Perfection). Puran Awastha is also called Atal Awastha (Unshakable State). The ones who lose the GurParsaad do so because their trust is there only as long as it is not shaken by any doubts, illusions or delusions. As soon as they allow their trust to be shaken, it means there is no trust and that is the reason for them falling back. But, when we reach the Puran Awastha then our trust is Puran too and will never be shaken no matter what happens around us. This trust allows us to cross all limits and become infinite. Our infinite trust makes us a winner. This trust is Bandgi. Devotion is Bandgi and love is Bandgi. As long as our trust, devotion and love for the Guru is there we are progressing in Bandgi, as soon as our trust is shaken, our devotion and love will also be shaken and blocks our progress in Bandgi. So please be careful and never let our trust in our Guru be shaken. Just keep on enhancing it until it reaches that level when we are blessed with Puran Tat Gyan. Once we reach that level in our Bandgi then we can never fall back. That is called Atal Awastha. Our trust for our Guru is Atal, our devotion for Guru is Atal, our love for Guru is Atal. )


A lot of people (tens of millions) are blessed with GurKirpa and GurParsaad, but it is a rare one who serves and preserves it and gets respect in the Dargah. The main reason behind this is lack of serving and preserving, is the lack of offering oneself, is lack of giving up one’s body, mind and wealth at the feet of the Guru, is the lack of shedding one’s mind wisdom and accepting Guru’s wisdom. The second reason is losing at Maya’s hands.


Bandgi (Loving devotion, divine slavery) is nothing else but battle against Maya and in this battle, ordinary people surrender before Maya and by not fighting against Maya they accept defeat from Maya and go back to their old life. Some people are blessed with Suhaag (divine acceptance) but still they fall back from Karam Khand (real of Grace – fourth realm) to Dharam Khand (beginning realm of path to union) again. There is no shortage of such people. So, it is our request at the feet of everyone with folded hands that if you have been blessed with this great good fortune of GurKirpa and Gurpasaad, then serve it and preserve it. When you will serve and preserve  GurKirpa and Gurpasaad with complete innocence, when you will with complete belief, devotion and love, give up yourself at the feet of Guru and will serve with body, mind and wealth, then the Guru will protect you from the slaps of Maya and will ferry you across this Bhavjal.


(Bhavjal- A vast sea of darkness caused by the influence of Maya. A soul living under the influence of Maya – Panj Doots and desires is like a stone lying in the deep sea of scum – that is what is Bhavsagar – sea of the scum of Maya).


You will earn the respect in the Dargah and the Guru will make you like Himself, will make you meet Akal Purakh and will make you merge completely in His feet.


All these virtues and supreme powers of Supreme Transcendent Lord Father Sat are present in the GurParsaadi Naam “SatNaam”. Mool Mantar is beyond explanation, is infinite, is endless. The whole Guru Granth Sahib is an effort to explain it. Mool Mantar is the expansion of the Beej (seed) Mantar (“Ik Onkaar Satnaam”) .


Beej Mantar Sarab Ko Gyaan

The Beej Mantar is the Source of Divine Wisdom.



Since the beginning of the Ages, there has been a constant flow of GurBani in Sach Khand which means that the virtues of Akal Purakh have been delivered to the people on Earth through the Hirdha of the Sants in an unbreakable chain.  This is an unbreakable chain because the virtues of SatPaarbrahm (Supreme Transcendent Lord, Sat) are infinite, His divine powers are infinite and endless and this chain describes that infiniteness and explains it.


The thing to understand is that “Ik Oankaar SatNaam” is GurParsaadi (The One god named “Truth” is only realised by the Guru’s Eternal blessings). After being blessed with Naam, Naam Simran, Naam Di Kamaai and Pooran Bandgi, one becomes a resident of Sachkhand by doing meditation with complete devotion, love and belief under the shelter of a Sant Satguru and giving up one’s body, mind and wealth at His feet.  Then, one is blessed with the GurParsaad of Pooran Brahm Gyaan and Pooran Tatt Gyaan (complete divine wisdom and complete deep divine wisdom).  One is blessed with GurParsaad of the infinite service of Parupkaar and Maha Parupkaar.  The Pooran Sant Satguru, Pooran Braham Gyaani (the heart of a divine soul) is the source of the GurParsaad.


Jaa Ke Ridhai Bisvaas Prabh Aaya

Tatt Gyaan Tis Mann Pragtaaya.

The one within whose heart faith in God comes,

Complete divine wisdom manifests in their mind.


Those complete Sants, Satgurus, complete Brahm Gyaanis who have been blessed to do the service of distributing the GurParsaad by Supreme Transcendent Lord Father Sat can only give the divine gift of GurParsaad, others cannot. Those human beings who are blessed with GurParsaad have great good fortune. Those who have not yet been given the GurParsaad, should pray regularly for it so that they can also be blessed with GurParsaad. Prayer done with a pure hirdha and good deeds in previous lives unite the truth seeker with complete Sant Satguru and the Truth-seeker is blessed with the GurParsaad.


Bhaag Hoaa Gur Sant Milaaya

Prabh Abinaasi Ghar Meh Paaya.

By great good fortune the Sant-guru was met,

And the Indestructible Lord was realised in my own home (of my heart).



Aisa Sant Milaavyo Mo Kao Kant Jinha Kai Paas

May I meet such a Sant within whose heart God resides.



Sant Sang Antar Prabh deetha, Naam Prabhu Ka Laaga Meetha.

In the company of the Sants one sees God,

And God’s Naam becomes sweet.



Sarab Nidhaan Nanak Har Rang, Nanak Paayie Sadh Kai Sang

All treasures are in being coloured in the love of God,

Nanak realised God in the company of the Sants.



Saadh Janaa Ki Maangao Dhoor Nanak Ki Har Lochaa Poor

Beg for the dust of the Sant’s feet

Nanak yearns for God to fufill this desire.



Sant Japaave Naam

The Sant causes the naam to be remembered.


Satgur Sikh Ko Naam Dhan dei

The Truth Guru blesses the Sikh with the gift of Naam.



Naam Amolak Rattan Hai Poorai Satgur Paas

Naam is the priceless diamond and resides with the perfect Truth Guru.



Sat Purakh Jin Jaanya Satgur Tis Ka Naao

The one who has realised the Truth Being is known as the Truth Guru.



Brahm Gyaani Aap Parmeshar

The Knower of the Divine is the Supreme God.



Brahm Gyaani Aap Nirankaar

The Knower of the Divine is the Formless God.



Brahm Gyaani Mukat Jugat Jee Ka Daata

Brahm Gyaani Pooran Purakh Bidhaata

The Knower of the Divine is the giver of salvation and divine union,

The Knower of the Divine is the perfect being and Forgiver Himself.


Nanak Saadh Prabh Bhed Na Bhaa

Nanak says there is no difference between the Sant and God Himself.



Saadh Ki Sobha Ka Naahi Ant

Saadh Ki Sobha Sada Beant

The glory of the Sants is unparalled.

The glory of the Sants is endless.


So, only a complete Brahm Gyaani, complete Sant, complete Sadh, Satguru, Pargatyo Jyot (Enlightened Soul) is capable of blessing the Sangat with the GurParsaad. Gurbani is full of Saloks and Shabads that emphasize what is Naam and how one can be blessed with it.