Jap (Simran)




Aad Sach Jugaad Sach

Hai Bhi Sach Nanak Hosi Bhi Sach. 1.


Jap means simran, jap means seva of satnaam, jap means bandgi, jap means dhyan, it is the essence  of the path to the eternity, it has a lot more deeper meaning, so it is not any instruction to just repeat, it is the hukam, dargahi hukam, it takes you in to mansarovar.

After Mool Mantar, there is the word Jap which is extremely wonderful and supremely powerful teaching to do simran. This is the order of great, great Truth Guru Avtar Nanak, king of the kings, to do simran.

This is a Dargahi (of God’s court) order for us to do Naam Simran. As Karta Purakh is Sat (Truth / God) that is why this Sat is the Naam. As Nirbhao is Sat  that is why this Sat is the Naam. As Nirvair is Sat that is why this Sat is the Naam. Akaal Moorat is Sat that is why this Sat is the Naam. As Ajooni is Sat that is why this Sat is the Naam. As Saibhang is Sat that is why this Sat is the Naam. As Gurparsaad is Sat that is why this Sat is the Naam. Hence, the whole Mool Mantar is Sat that is why this Sat is the Naam. That is why great, great Truth Guru Avtar Nanak king of the kings has recited Sat Naam . That is why the word Sat is the womb of the whole creation. That is why the word Sat is the womb of all the supreme powers. That is why the word Sat is the womb of all the supreme divine virtues. So, Sat is not just a mere word. The whole Gurbani is Sat that is why this Sat is the Naam because Gurbani has emanated from Sat, is emanating from Sat and will keep on emanating from Sat.


Gurbani is not just limited to great, great Guru Granth Sahib. Gurbani is constantly manifesting in Dargah. There is no calculation of pages of Gurbani in the Dargah. The pages of Gurbani never end in the Dargah. That is why, this Sat is the Naam. This is not only Naam but it is the supreme power itself, it is the supreme power that is always present, it is the supreme power that is omnipresent. Sat Naam is the supreme order of Dargah, “Eko Naam Hukam Hai”. That is the reason that great, great Truth Guru Avtar Nanak king of the kings with infinite kindness and as per the complete order of Akaal Purakh has recited this great highest Mantar priceless jewel of Sat Naam, and has put this highest Mantar in the lap of all the humanity and has shown us the way to Sach Khand (Realm of  Truth) and has given a teaching of the highest order to the whole humanity to meditate on it. As the whole Mool Mantar is Sat, therefore all the supreme powers are lying inside simran of  Sat Naam. This is the reason that the glory of Sat Naam has been mentioned in the very first vaar (verse) of great, great Bhai Gurdass ji.


Some Sant-Mahapurakhs first preach the meditation of the whole Mool Mantar first and then give the blessing of Gurparsaad of Sat Naam. There are very few Mahapurakhs who from the begininning place the priceless jewel of Gurparsaad of Sat Naam in your Surat. (The mind/consciousness. Those who do Sat Naam Simran in their Surat becomes Sat. When Sat Naam goes into Surat or mind then Surat becomes Sat, and as Sat Naam Simran progresses it goes in to other spiritual centers – Sat Sarovars and activates these Sat Sarovars inside the Suksham Dehi(astral body). These seven centers of spiritual energy are contained within our own Suksham Dehi and are illuminated with the Sat Naam and all of our Bajjar Kapaats(major spiritual doorways) open up, including the Dassam Duaar and a permanent connection with the Param Jyot is established. This is how our entire Suksham Dehi and physical body is filled with Amrit and goes in to a stage when our entire body is filled with Amrit and our Rom Rom goes in to Sat Naam – or our Rom Rom becomes Sat.)


According to Gurbani, the Surat goes into deep meditation only with Gurparsaad of Sat Naam. The Surat, hirdha and the whole soul goldenonly with Sat Naam simran. The Kundalini power is activated only with Sat Naam Simran. (Kundalini Shakti-   Divine Energy stored at the base of the spine, but rises up the channels of Ida, Pingala and Sushmana and expands throughout the body with GurParsaad.  The Kundalini Shakti (energy) works throughout our body and conducts the correction of our body.  This divine Shakti removes all of the pockets filled with negative energy and fills them with the divine energy, the cosmic power, the Amrit.  This Shakti purifies our mind, Hirda, soul and body completely and makes it fit for the infinite divine power to stay in there forever.  All of the eternal treasures, Amrit and the Puran Brahamgian are hidden inside our soul.  So with the correction and purification of the mind, soul and body these divine treasures are uncovered and surface physically through our body).


The Bajjar Kapaats open only because of Sat Naam Simran. (Bajjar Kapaats- Divine doors. Consisting of four areas around the head, plus the Dassam Duaar (crown chakra). The four areas around the head are the brow chakra and the back of the head and above each ear. Also there are four more doors – a door in each palm and sole of the foot ).


All the Seven Sarovars (Seven Lakes / Seven Charkas) of Amrit are enlightened because of Sat Naam simran. (Sat Sarovars- Seven sources of spiritual energy – or seven sources of life energy, or seven integral parts of the Sukhsham Sareer (Astral body) which itself is part of the soul. This life energy is called Amrit. In Yoga these are called the 7 chakras. They are sensed around the following areas of the physical body, although they are not part of the physical body:


These are seven centers of spiritual energy within human body. These are located at (the Vedic names are also given in brackets):-

1.Mid-Forehead. (Trikuti; Gyan Netter; Dib Drisht; Agyaa Chakkar).
2.Throat. (Visudhi Chakkar).
3.Middle of the chest (Hirda; Anhat Chakkar).
4.Navel area (Nabhi; Manipuri Chakkar).
5.Above the sex organ. (Swadhisthan Chakkar).
6.Base of the spine (Mooladhaar Chakkar. Source of the Kundalini Shakti).
7.Top of the head. (Dassam Duaar. Sahansar Dall kanwal – thousand petal lotus).

They are activated by Naam Amrit. Once that happens then there is an internal generation of the spiritual energy in the human body. This GurParsaad is available to the Suhaagans and Sada Suhaagans).

The powers of Ida, Pingla and Sushmana are activated only with Sat Naam simran and the divine gift of Gurparsaad of Samadhi and Sunn Samadhi is received. When Simran is done in this way, then Naam Simran goes into Rom-Rom (Rom doesn’t mean hair, it means every cell of our body, every bit of our body) and the Bhagats get absorbed in Sat Naam Amrit and by winning over Maya by going beyond the three aspects of Maya, they get the gift of seeing and meeting Akaal Purakh and are blessed with the Gurparsaad of Pooran Brahm Gyaan, Atam Rus Amrit and Pooran Tatt Gyaan and achieve the Param Pad (Divine position accepted in the Dargah).


So, do simran of Naam, of Anaad Sat, Sat Naam which is also explained and known as Naam Amrit . Sat means Anaad Sat. Sat Naam means that Lord is Anaad Sat. By doing simran of Naam, we get absorbed in Anaad Sat inside ourself and Sat Naam appears in our Rom-Rom. Simran means:- 


·         Engraving Sat in our memory.

·         Engraving Sat in our Mind/Consciousness (Surat)

·         Remembring Sat with love in our divine heart (Hirdha)

·         Making Rom-Rom of our body merge with Sat

·         Becoming of Sat Roop of mind and Hirdha

·         Becoming Sat Naam by ourself (Har Ka Naam Junn Ka Roop Rang)

·         Getting absorbed in Sat

·         Merging with Sat


The next verse after Jap is


Aad Sach

Jugaad Sach

Hai Bhi Sach

Nanak Hosi Bhi Sach.


This denotes the supremely powerful, all-capable personality which has been manifested in the Mool Mantar. Only this personality is Anaad Sat and is present from unmeasured time, is present since the creation took place, meaning that it is in perfect existence from the beginning and forever, has been absolutely present, is present now and will be present in future. This means that Mool Mantar has remained absolutely present from the beginning till present and will remain absolutely present in all the ages to come till the end.


From the beginning means that for an unknown period of time, the Supreme Transcendent Perfect God was in existence even before the creation of the universe. Gurbani says that before the creation took place, Akaal Purakh was in deepest meditation (Sunn) for 36 ages. This means since unknown period of time as the length of 36 ages cannot be determined. The word Aad means beginning. Here the beginning of His existence does not have a definition and He is infinite, endless, and is without any boundaries and measurements. Existence means He is Sat (Sach), it is that supremely powerful entity which is unmeasurable, is infinite, is endless and does not undergo change and is forever.

Jugaad means that God has been in existence since all the ages begun and will exist in all the ages to come. Here, there is no definition of all ages and there is no definition of time. The formation of an age depends upon the following characterisitcis of human race:-


·         Behaviour

·         Present thinking

·         Religious beliefs

·         Character and

·         Deeds


When there is an enormous change in these characterisitcs, then  an Age changes. That is why no Age can be described in terms of length of time. Here, this means that existence of Supreme Transcendent Lord Sat is since all the past ages and His existence will be there in all the ages to come. It is believed and it has been mentioned in Gurbani that since the creation of this universe till present, there have been four ages but the existence of Akaal Purakh is beyond these four ages. This means that the existence of the Anaad Sat explained in the Mool Mantar is there in the present .

Hosi Bhi means that God will exist in all the ages to come. This mean that:-


·         It is only Anaad Sat which has been in existence even before the unknown creation of this universe (Aad) .

·         Has been in existence since the birth of the creation (Jugaad)

·         In present time too, Only Anaad is there in existence (Hosi bhi)

·         All the remaining Gurbani is the explanation of this Anaad Sat described above. This is the glory of Sat, this means that Gurbani :-

·         Is explanation and glory of Mool Mantar which in itself is an explanation and is the glory of powerful virtues of Anaad (Lord)

·         Tells us what happens to us when we obey the Anaad Sat.

·         Tells us what happens to those souls who merge with Anaad Sat.

·         Tell us that those souls are the temple of Truth (Sat) who have reached the complete Brahm Gyaan.

·         Tell us to merge with Sat

·         Tells us how to become one with the Param Tatt (Supreme Divine Essence) and

·         Tells us how to become like it.


Large number of sangat is under this false belief that reading Gurbani is simran which is a wrong practice and is a big false belief. By following this thinking that reading Gurbani is simran, ordinary  sangat lays emphasis on reading Gurbani. Believing that just reading Gurbani will make our life better is a big false belief. There is a big difference between reading Gurbani and doing Gurbani. Gurbani gives a teaching of practicing, it does not tell us just to read. Doing Gurbani means earning the Shabad. Whatever teaching any Shabad gives us, bringing that teaching into our daily deeds is the key to divine spiritual success. The most imprtant and supremely powerful teaching of Gurbani is to do Simran. All the dargahi spiritual treasures are achieved by doing Simran. That is why great, great Truth Guru Avtaar king of the kings honorable Nanak has read out the supremely powerful dargahi order of Jap to all of us human beings. That is why we should take an oath to obey this order with hirdha, with complete belief, complete devotion and complete faith and we should be absorbed in Simran by surrendering ourself completely at Guru’s feet and we must achieve the Supreme State in this life. This is the summary of the whole Japji bani.