How Daswandh Is Being Used

This is all Gurkirpa and Gurparsaad that has written this book on Sukhmani Bani in a quest to spread the Eternal Truth and make it known to the masses all around globe. Sangat’s dasvandh has been used in getting this book printed. Sangat’s dasvandh has also been used in getting the entire website translated into Punjabi language as well, this Seva will continue until all the writings are translated in to Punjabi.

More efforts are on way to translate these writings in to Hindi language as there is a large population out there who speaks, reads and writes this language in the Indian sub continent as well as NRIs living around the globe.

We all can speed up this effort of bringing these writings in the hands of the truth seekers around the globe with your priceless Seva. Diseminating the divine wisdom to the masses is a Seva of very high order, and you all have been and continue to be a part of this Seva.

Your dasvandh can make it possible to deliver this eternal truth to every human being that has been seeking it from an unknown period of time in space. Your Seva can do wonders to these souls who are now lost in the wilderness of Maya. Your Seva can do wonders to your ownself by helping deliver this eternal truth to the masses. Above all this Seva will help you win over Maya one day in this life time.

So please those who are contributing to this Seva, continue to enjoy and accummulate the infinite divine benefits by continuation of this Seva, and to those who have not yet opened up their minds, please open up your minds and take advantage of this divine opportunity to make your contributions and earn the infinite rewards resulting from this Seva.
God bless you all with this Seva.