The Power Of Dandauth Bandhna

Guru Pyare Jee, 

As we have said earlier, these are visions and not dreams, your soul travelling to higher and higher realms of Satnaam, God has shown you how humility and humbleness is so important in Bandgi, doing Dandaut is “Punn Wadda”, is a Sat Karam of very high order in spirituality.  

Doing Dandaut brings humility inside your Hirda and kills your Haumai, when Haumai dies then God appears and Jivan Mukti is blessed. You have now seen how powerful is the rewards of doing Dandaut Bandhna. You are now in a constant state of Simran going on inside you, so everything you see and feel is the reality, the divine reality, the divine truth, this is what Gurbani says, and whatever Gurbani says is happening to you, you are now by yourself becoming Gurbani.

Dhan Dhan Satgur Nanak Dev Ji have given you the gift of your life on His birth day celeberations going around the world. Next time when you see Him just go and kiss His feet, anybody you see in your visions are Mukt Atmas, so please go and kiss their feet. Whenever anybody goes in to Satnaam meditation then Satguru Sahibans, Braham Gyanis, Sants and Bhagats come in to bless these souls, they come as a mark of respect to Satnaam, their blessings show that you are on the right track and keep moving on this track, never look back, always keep on trusting your Satguru, always keep on enhancing your trust on the Satguru, always keep on enhancing your devotion to the Satguru, always keep on enhancing your surrender to the Satguru.
You are doing great, please stay focused on Satnaam and continue moving on this divine path forever, for all ages to come, never ending, never stopping, continuous Sat Chit Anand.