Lifestory: 12 – Debt of Karam was issued for repayment

The phone rang, daylight was still far away, someone was dead, walking to mother’s room to find her screaming – crying on the floor, we had never witnessed our mother perform such an action and looked to our father.


Father stated that a cousin had passed away. We remember the cousin well, he came across an interesting character, we mourned him and days had now passed from the funeral.


Completing our evening prayers to closed our eyes the body became Pure Light, to then open our eyes we find our-self standing on grass, the sky was made of white light there was no need to breath, complete harmony was felt, it was the first time we had left the body for another Khand. It was an achievement (Gurparsaad) we was very proud (Ego) and then this young man stood in front of us, he didn’t carry any given resemblance but we knew it was our cousin, calling his name – he smiled we hugged and spoke for several minutes, but our conversation got cut short, he shape shifted into the form that I’ve known him to be.


He looked into our eyes and said “little brother stay with me here”, we gave him a firm “No”, we educated him that our mother needs us and we have much work to do back on earth.


He lost his smile “you better go then”. He twitched his eyes to be throwing some form of hint. We immediately took alert and looked to see 1000 spirits running towards us. We had to leave quickly, we sprinted in the opposite direction, a final look back to see him for the last time, the spirits had gained on us significantly and as we turned to continue a huge wall rose out of the ground and stopped us, it stood several hundred feet tall. Focusing the mind we scale the wall and now we are angry to find a second wall rising only to roar a cubs roar  (fearless) to run straight through it, to open the eyes of the body, we return to safety of our bedroom.


We sat on the bed, “what just happened?!?!” To then have a mental surge, we run to all the windows of the house to check if there are any black ghosts outside, the coast was clear. We was left to a sleepless night.


Life had got back to the route of normality, well normal for us, several weeks had now passed since the encounter, we didn’t ignore it but chose not to question. Yet meanwhile we remained on full alert, on the look out for any potential enemy. Completing our prayers we asked for the usual… world peace to then find ourself dreaming, we was at a relative’s house.


A shudder was felt- something was coming, to look out of the window of the cousin’s house to see a man standing outside. Our exact words “it’s him” we run down the stairs and this big tall heavily bearded man enters through the door our mother comes from nowhere and screams “stay away from my son, leave him alone” I squared to him and he laughed “ stay away from me!” he laughed more, he truly didn’t care for our words- we pushed him and nothing happened, he stood still and he laughed and disappeared with a huge white flash. We awoke from the dream to sit up- (our eyes were soar from the flash). We froze but accepted the event “I don’t care… you wont stop me…. I don’t fear you!!!!” to lay back and then close our eyes, literally one second later to open the eyes of the soul and he’s there standing next to the bed on our right side smiling. Dressed as a Nihang wearing black uniform. 


Did you think IT WOULD BE THAT EASY!!!!!!!!” his smile had turned into great viscous display before we could respond he grabbed hold of our neck lifting us high off the bed then pushing us back down from the neck, he held us with one hand and punched us repeatedly in the stomach, ribs, jaw, temple he was killing me,  looking to the left we see the photo of Guru Nanak on the wall, and then we roared “Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” tensing the body we grab his fist and over power him turning him onto the bed and punching him until his face smashed (literally), his features deformed with every hit, he was losing and he disappeared within another white flash, he was beaten to a pulp and we was no better.


Opening the eyes of the body great intense pain ran through us, joints, fingers knuckles, we was bleeding inside.  It took several minutes to walk several feet to the bathroom to wash the blood that was coming from the mouth. The body came across normal but my interior was devoured, we promised we wouldn’t tell anyone, we could barely see, everything was smudged as if we had just woken from a deep sleep, only this time they eyes wouldn’t respond/adjust to the light.


Sat on the chair next to the bed, shaking and very cold, teeth chattering and extremely weak repeating Vaheguru, we was battered. Several hours passed before we attempted to lay down again, to close the eyes and their he stood once again, he was hurt and was scared but had to make sure he had one over me. “This doesn’t stop here!!! You can’t stop me, just watch I will ruin your family everyone you love and will love, I will take them with me and theirs nothing you can do!” The bastard… I jumped from the bed to grab him but he disappeared again in the flash of white, blinding me further.


We saw the Vision behind his words, he really will destroy all that we Love, and he did just that.


 The 2 weeks following were very hard as we struggled to bite our food, the body remained numb but somehow we hid the pain from the family.


Our problem: they found me and this is only the beginning, he beat us so bad our:


Þ     brain did not function the way it used to, 

Þ     we became mentally weak- slow

Þ     our skin structure broke down

Þ     our hair structure broke down

Þ      muscles structure broke down

Þ     our speech broke down

Þ     the Siddhi Power slowly deteriorated over the years to come,

Þ     we watched the family lose their credibility and make continuous fools of themselves many family members left the main consortium.

Þ     Anyone who came near us received Dukhi- (we was a living curse)

Þ     Every thing he said came true.


 One day we was just some Kid learning of life through the process of the moment- the next day everything changed, I continued my prayers for 2 further years then anger took over.


We was angry with God “why are you letting this happen to me Baba? I am here to serve you”-  we was so weak, “why won’t he heal me?” Now 14 yrs old we sat lost in confusion and depression kicked in. The power was there but it was nothing special and remained nothing special to what we had experienced. We could still read people but the attainments of Siddha are long gone. You can say they were our 2 yrs off work.


2001 I am now dumb (brain function was slow, compressed, heavy, dead) the spirits followed us wherever we went they affected everything we did, anybody we would try to get close to they would shun away from us, so we would stay quiet.


We stopped bothering with mankind, and just lived in-Self and attended to our homely life. People would try to talk to us, and we would take great effort to make sure that they wouldn’t bother us again. I lost my religion.


Mother didn’t recognise us anymore, we wasn’t the boy she remembered, she felt that we had no soul anymore. We would return home from college and sit in our room in a corner and just look down. Brain function was so weak we had to recollect what was learnt during the day. Scientists call it bullshit, wearing a white coat doesn’t make you all knowing, we operated off a small percentage of the brain mass yet we stayed alive on such a few cells. People at college thought we was strange, we had become strange, we learned to accept it.