Lifestory: Now 10 years old – thinks he’s figured it out

Now 10 years old, we wasn’t an innocent adorable child we were known to be, our eyes became emotionless. The mind had evolved greatly, but we could not accept the Abuses that Man had blessed to other Man.


The Voice of Truth remained unheard, it frustrated us to the core and we could not accept the State of the Earth. It was a deep personal issue for us huge ANGER and huge EGO had derived.


We had become FEARLESS AND ARROGANT, we wasn’t scared of the dark world anymore “No-One can Fuck with me…”. – Pure Ego but we branded it self-recognition, born into Kal Jogh we stated we live outside of the dark mist that the Yug carried – but accepted we had became an angry being.


Mother tried to make us follow a Sant – we saw no distribution of Truth from this man and we finally spoke to him and told him “you are a bad man, I don’t believe in you”, our mother tried to explain and apologized to the Sant but we didn’t care.

 We warned the family and others to avoid him for no good will come from this being. A year later our warnings derived Truth, he was caught playing the Maya Khel and exposed, hence destroying our family network and their beliefs in God.


Every Sunday morning he would sit with the family in the local temple and would go through a routine notion of wanting to throw the ‘holy’ congregation out into the street– it subdued our mind.


Watching their actions from the previous night drug and alcohol abuse, fornicators, adulterers, rapists, murderers, practitioners of dark arts and liars, they would come with there new hair cuts and freshly shaved, dressed up hoping to score the opposite member of sex in some cases the same sex.


Our senses had become so sharp they would irritate our body, destroying our peace, we had every reason to hate them, there foolishness gifted us Dukhi, we saw no Sukhi. Maya was truly our enemy, Maya had taken every form.


These people didn’t come here to see the King, there sat this most Beautiful Doctrine of Gyan sada Dhan Dhan Guru Granth Sahib Ji, but they came here to commune in the langar hall (open kitchen) with friends, talk business, gloat their success and achievements’.


We hated every second of it, they would announce their weekly donation only to clarify to rest of the community that they are Great Worthy Beings, did it bring them closer to God? – no it did not, for you cannot buy God.


We kept his anger locked inside and it began to show as our smile disappeared and eyes became fierce to which remains to this day.


‘I cant stand these people, one day I will show them the true path be it with or against their will, they can accept the Father (God) or stay away from the Father, what-ever happens I live by his hukam!’.


As angry as we was- this boy was fully aware that he had not achieved his peak, he knew he was a Good Being but in no-way Great. And until that day of attaining perfection he will live in the solitude of his own body, for only a True (Perfect) Master should voice his arrival.


 Fear of ghosts had long past, we would laugh when they try to scare us (from the path of enlightenment). Our body would talk to us through visions/feelings/senses, our soul would stir around dark magic, the stronger the magic the stronger the stir (recognised similar to the adrenaline rush).


We walked as if the world was our land, our eyes are sweet no more, back straight and head up high. Was this arrogance? – Most likely. Heavily gifted, we would randomly know all that we questioned, we wasn’t taught by a figure nor a voice in our head, but to find he always knew the answers (Gurparsaad of blessings through the Hirda- they transpired from Nothing).


Certain at the age of 17 we will find our master unto which a mission will be laid before us. We saw Self in visions against the back drop of a dark red sky, (polluted with war, famine and holocaust) now standing a heavily built figure, in the colour of Akali Blue and face covered with steel pointed armour, a bow in our left hand and the arrow a 1000m away in a helicopter gunship in a nosedive seconds from crashing into the ground. While around us stood God’s Disciples (Our Army) most older than us. They were visions (not to be confused with a dream) the people we saw in the Visions exist and are living healthy lives as  your read this, we decided not to interfere our ways onto them until we are a Truth Master.


As self -aware as we was, we made it clear for not one soul to realise who we was or what we was capable of. We chose to live a double role  ‘holy’ and ‘unholy’. Deep in our heart we felt that a dark force is scouring the earth looking for us, we didn’t understand why. All we knew is that if we perform acts of Shakti (strength) or Vidiya (knowledge) the dark force will be alerted and in no time we will be killed. 


We chose simple attire so we can go un-noticed. Mediums (Gifted Souls) would randomly approach us and say you don’t have long left, do what you can while you are here.


Aware of our weaknesses carried by the human nature (the emotion to love), one topic dwelled in our mind. When the day comes for us to die we do not want anything to look back on. Now only 11 yrs old, we stands alone upstairs in the prayer room of the temple with the master before us:


 ‘Dhan Dhan Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji I have come to state this solemn vow my life is yours and only yours. I will die defending your name in the fight to destroy Kal from this plain, I vow not to marry or love, and live my life alone… I accept I am the Bastard son of this Komm! Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa… Jeet Tera Khalsa Raj!!’


We went into a deep State of Self and showed the Master how far we are willing to go, to inflict any form of change to the Sick World. The vision derived forth that we may be ripped apart limb from limb -may our screams of torture be heard across the world that here a Real Son of God laid his life, may the mission awake the world, may this sacrifice be of value, may Sat Yug take birth.


It became a passion, a desire for us to die this way. And so we took it to the next level, life became a practice of warrior code. We was always Pro- Bhinderanwale we fell in love with him, he stood for everything we believed in. Using the blessed spiritual gifts to read the Mind of the Controversial Sikh Figure, it was concluded that we understood Bhinderanwale more than those who were part of his life. The others around him were there for their own benefits, but he- he was a Good Man.