Worldly Knowledge

Out of Nothingness all was created– This is no expression nor a simple idea of creative thinking, this is the Divine Truth, this is what happened.   

Go, Look and Ask where did the creator not apply his wisdom. The Maya creation derived from One entity and all that you can see, hear, feel, taste and touch is him.   

The billionaire inventor did not stream the thought of the greatest new technology to takeover the world by his great research- only God can bless such an idea.

This applies to all you see the great art, architecture, creative thinking- anything and everything.  All is Him, all is of Him derived by Him alone.

Even the accuracy and logic in science and technology is truth, just truth and nothing but truth. Even Math is based on truth, just truth and nothing but truth. The truth beyond science and math is divinity, there is a lot more to be revealed to science and technology, whatever has been revealed so far is only about 9% of the human brain, which has infinite capacity. That is why scientists, doctors and engineers say there is no end to invention, so does it mean it is infinite – the answer a Brahamgyani will give is yes, it is infinite.  

The world is plagued by worldly knowledge  (scholars of principle), they take to Logic, Formulae and vast research to configuring the Truth. If only they took to experiencing the Truth by practicing the Truth, then they would realize the Truth. 

Eehaa Ka Neech Dargah Ka Ooch– The One who lives as Lowest of Low on this plain (humble/simple/pure) is recognized with High Regard in Dargah.  

Those who see past the false of Maya, who live and recognize ever-simple Truth receive all the Gyan. The Education of Truth is blessed through the Hirda -it is beyond any qualification.   

Remember all is at the will of His Hukam, all the data would go in the bin if the creator decided to make the grass blue and the sky green.   

Society is only complicating the System, the Puran Sat lives in the Simple Humble Truth, and our advice is for you to do the same.  

Reading alone will not spiritually elevate the Truth Seeker- that is not Gyan.  

Gyan is the Divine Experience- so practice what the Truth preaches then you will be gifted with the Gyan.   

All is false– that is not an understatement – only the Puran Sat will remain.   

You seek to understand it- then practice it, go beyond reading and live, speak and practice the Truth. This is the only way you will realize it.   

Take to the meditation of Truth:  

The formless one titled self as Truth Name – SatNaam.  Blessed to the Beautiful Masters who went to great effort to discover him, they returned to this Khand to gift us his name, so we experience the name directly.  

Meditation on Truth is the only way, seek the blessings of the Truth Guru – Satguru, may he/she bless you with the Gurparsaad so you can begin your chance with a 90% head start.  

Until you realize the path of Truth in all its glory do you realize the value of the Truth Guru.  

God Bless you with Satnaam Simran, Naam Ki Seva & Bandgi and Realization of the Puran Sat.