The Gift of having a Satguru (Truth Guru)

Every Bhagat has their own unique story to gift the world of how they uncovered the Truth.  

Just look at this website, there is so much Gyan, so much effort in the service of Truth so Hukam may derive another Lost Soul home, back to the reality of Truth. – Hukam will derive it as we can do Nothing- only he is the Doer. 

So much Gyan is there for the taking, offered with great accessibility, simple direction and brilliance in Divine Understanding. So much Gyan and yet this is only the tip of the Iceberg.  

Until the Truth Seeker experiences this Path, only then can they take contrast of the words in our Vision.  

We say infinite, we say beyond, but they are only words, they have no backing from text alone, the backing is the experience of realizing the Divine, just as we did.  

When we surrendered to the Dassan Das Ji it wasn’t so straight forward as one may of hoped. We were a student of Truth before even realizing what the Truth we seek to realize was. We tested the Truth Guru more than others we respected him for telling people to take to Naam Simran but considered our education (worldly knowledge) as the Great Authority.  

Blessed from the day we took breath, our life had been a focus of devotion to glorify his name. But regardless of the great research of our wisdom we had not committed to the Divine Truth 100%.  

We could not apprehend his words, so we meditated on them until we could recognize the Vision behind the words– as we ask you to do with us. Gifted the spiritual gifts we saw the Truth, it was right in front of us. Sanskrit rolled off our tongue (beyond our control, the Hirda began speaking Divine Truth) at the Salute to the Brahmgyani who we recognised in our Teacher.   

There is no difference between God and his Brahmgyani. The Brahmgyani has no voice, no mind, no nothing, only the Lord and his infinite love resides’ within and only the Lord speaks forth.  

We Salute the Brahmgyani as would Salute the Brahmgyan of Dhan Dhan Guru Granth Sahib Ji, we Salute the Brahmgyani as we would Salute any form of Truth.  

On recognising the Truth Guru, the Truth Seeker must have his surrender recognized for no Karni goes unnoticed. The life force falls at the Intensity of Truth, it is intoxicating, it is overpowering and it is bliss- Truth Vibration emanates across the body as all cells go into 24hour recitation of Truth– Rom Rom. 

There the infinite compassionate Satguru takes you into his arms, he is One with his Bhagat, He requests your gifted Dukhi to be passed onto him, may no more obstacles come on this child’s path. He lifts and takes you across the Wild Ocean to reach the land on the other side. The Satgur has taken you 90% of the way, the Law of Hukam states the remainder is for the Truth Seeker to solve alone.  

How much more can we ask, he has done everything, he spoon fed us the Gyan, he gifted us Naam in a language we can understand, he made bhagti simple for us, so we can experience the Divine Gift he experienced (Truth) – Can you still not see God in these actions?  

All we had to do was trust him, and yet we still complain our worldly ideas and frustrations at his feet. Hitting him repeatedly with the false from our tongue and actions, he loves us regardless and seeks only our betterment. The Satguru then returns to his high seat on top of all the Khands in the inner-most realm- Dargah to watch his gifted blessing (The Truth Seeker) solve the Bhagti of Truth.  

Meditate on the Truth, Surrender to the Truth, Serve the Truth and you will realize the Truth we speak as if we was speaking your own Heart. Our facial image may be unique but we are all the same: 

I am You and You are Me – Ik Drisht- single vision, recognize Truth in all 

We are formless entities of infinite proportions and capacity, copies of the Formless Unborn Self Realized Truth. We will all end up in the same place when realizing the Puran Sat, for the Truth is Constant, it will never change- every individual path will derive it’s roots back to the Source.  

Words cannot explain the worth of the Truth Guru- they are beyond measure. 

With his blessings, we pray you gain a glimpse of our Vision.