Satmeet Visions

Satguru Parbraham Pita Parmeswar Ji Pitaji sometime back Aapji Showed us our third eye opening and then from next day Aapji Showed plants outside our house talking with us, plants were actually asking us that why we didn’t focus on … Read More

Inderjit Jis powerful visions

Dhan dhan mera satgur poora Dhan dhan dassan dassji Satnaam pitaji yesterday amritwela was blessed with beyant kirpa of yours. We were shown sitting next to your feet in God’ s palace. All around was covered by clouds and all … Read More

Anu Blessed Experiences

Kottan kot dandaut aapji de satcharana vich pyare satguru pitaji Pitaji we want to share with aapji few experiences aapji gave in the last week. During last weekend delhi’s sangat at gurmeet veerji’s house, there was a lot of negativity … Read More

Princes blessed experiences.

Kottana kottan dandaut bandna pita ji aap ji de sat charna vich Dhan dhan parbraham parmeshwar ji Pitaji due to aapji grace we were doing simran with our family together we get lot of vibrations in our body it was … Read More

SATMEET JI – Experiences

Dandaut Bandana Aapji De Satcharana Vich Pitaji, Pitaji Since Few Months When we Chant Satnaam we hear back Satnaam with Strong Vibrations, and We Feel like Many Souls/people were Chanting Satnaam With us, So we had a Question like why … Read More