Kiran Chugh – Blessed Visions

Kottan Kottan Dandaut Bandana Aapji de Satcharana Vich Pita Ji. Pitaji during today’s Zoom Sangat and with app ji grace we feel some experiences. That experiences can not be exactly expressed in words yet with app ji blessing we are … Read More


Satnaam Pitaji Kottan kot dandaut bandana aapji de satcharana vich. On Wednesday after zoom sangat,While finishing our dinner, it was almost amritvela and with aapji’s blessings and grace, we started feeling tingling sensation and vibration in our whole body. It … Read More

Inderjit – Visions and Experiences

Dhan dhan mera satgur poora Dhan dhan dassan dassji Dhan dhan satpaarbrahm pita parmeshwar Dham.dhan gurpaarbrahm pita parmeshwar Pitaji with aapji immense grace amritwela today was beyond words. There was beyant kirpa, love and bairag in the air. Sukhmani started … Read More