How To Pray

Too thaakur tum peh ardas.Jee-o pind sabh tayree raas.Tum maat pitaa ham baarik tayray.Tumree kirpa meh sookh ghanayray.Ko-ay na jaanai tumraa ant.Oochay tay oochaa bhagvant.Sagal samagree tumrai sutir dhaaree.Tum tay ho-ay so aagi-aakaaree.Tumree Gat mit tum hee jaanee.Nanak daas sada … Read More

Complete Surrender

If we dedicate just even ten percent of our time to Naam, Bandgi and Seva then we are still able to bring in all of Divinity inside us.  When we donate just ten percent of our earnings to the Guru … Read More

Dealing With Haumai

When we are under the GurKirpa, the eternal blessings of Akal Purakh, then everything that happens in our daily life is good.  When we are under Haumai we say “I am doing it,” or “I am capable of doing it.”  … Read More

Dealing With Desires

Guru Patshah Ji is very kindly continuing to remind us about the eternal grace of the Almighty.  With the grace of God people wear beautiful and expensive clothes, but forget that they have already been blessed with more than they … Read More

Following Dharam

The divine meaning of Dharam is to follow the divine wisdom direct from God, and not the man-made divisions of religion.  The eternal essence (Sat Tat) of the word Dharam is a set of rules, regulations and divine laws for … Read More