Brother Converting to Islam

QUESTION I am a student at university and I come to now about you through one of my friends.  I have one personal problem. My brother is working with some Muslim people.  Muslim people are forcing him to convert and he is agreeing.  He is … Read More

Family of Sat Naam

Dhan Dhan Guru Pyare Jee, we don’t have any Sevak (servant).  There is no sevak in our sangat, they are all our parivaar (family) and we call them "Satnaam Parivaar – Family of Sat Naam" – they are the ones who are … Read More

Scared Of Doing Simran

QUESTION: Hi,I find myself reading/listening to Dhan Dhan Sant Baba ji’s wonderfull wonderfull divine gyan over & over again. So much love, compassion. I am totally hooked. I dont know maybe this’ll sound silly but sometimes when I try to … Read More

Sikhi Leaders

QN:It has been noted that our Sikh Leaders are chosen if they have money, good business background and already in some sort of power. However, these types of leaders after reaching some high wordly stage become full of ego and do … Read More

How Daswandh Is Being Used

This is all Gurkirpa and Gurparsaad that has written this book on Sukhmani Bani in a quest to spread the Eternal Truth and make it known to the masses all around globe. Sangat’s dasvandh has been used in getting this … Read More

The Power Of Dandauth Bandhna

Guru Pyare Jee,  As we have said earlier, these are visions and not dreams, your soul travelling to higher and higher realms of Satnaam, God has shown you how humility and humbleness is so important in Bandgi, doing Dandaut is “Punn … Read More